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Jean Claude Van Damme x Volvo Trucks Epic Split

I’ve been reading ‘Contagious: Why Things Catch On’ by Jonah Berger. Yesterday I was on a section where he discussed how the ‘Power of Awe’ inspires people to share things. “Awe is a complex emotion and frequently involves a sense of surprise, unexpectedness or mystery,” he writes. This morning when the Mister shared this video with me, that’s exactly what I felt: awe. Volvo and Van Damme come together to give viewers a truly captivating experience to show off the stability of the Volvo staring. This is advertising done right and if I were BMW, Audi or Benz I’d take some notes. Take 1:17 minutes out of your life to watch this video. You won’t be able to just watch this video once.

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  • Ok, I’m almost done stalking you! However, I saw this last night with my husband and were were speechless. Volvo seriously upped their ad game.

    • L.

      Seriously. I used to think Google’s ‘Parisian Love’ was the best commercial of all time. I think this might have topped it.

  • amandacdillon

    Jonah spoke at Google while I was working there this past summer, and I actually had the opportunity to be his company-appointed liaison for the day. He’s an absolutely BRILLIANT speaker and he definitely provided a great amount of inspiration for me in my last year of college.

    This ad is fantastic. I’m actually in awe. Thank you so much for sharing – brb rewatching this 30x.
    🙂 Amanda | http://exvitae.com

    • L.

      Jonah’s book is amazing so far. I’d love to meet him one day. But yesss, this ad is pretty awesome. I think I’m up to like my 50th time watching for the day.

  • Holy cow! Way to go, Van Damme. I swear, after that lame GoDaddy commercials, I thought the man had lost “it”. But damn! This Volvo commercial is brilliant!!! And with one of my favorite songs in it. Just brilliant!

    • L.

      Seriously! I, too, had my doubts about Van Damme. But damnit, I think this is some of his best work ever. And I absolutely LOVE that song.

  • guyanesesista

    1. That’s some super human core strength.
    2. How many tries did this take?
    3. Are they driving in reverse?
    4. So much better than the GoDaddy fiasco.
    5. That was like playing Russian roulette.
    6. This is a pretty stinkin’ cool video to show his grand kids.
    7. I hope no one actually tries this at home although I do think quite a few people will and we might hear about it in the news.

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