The Blog Critique #05: Increasing Page Views

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the blog critique | 05 | The Native New Yawker

awwwww yeaaa, it’s thursday! thursdays mean it’s blog critique time! we are already into the fifth blog critique. i’m glad everyone seems to be enjoying the critiques! once again, if you have a blogger friend interested in seeing how they can aesthetically turn their blog’s design up, send them my way. but let’s jump into today’s critique!
style + beauty blog

natasha has been blogging about style — whether it’s her own or some other awesome fashionistas for going on 2 years now. the design of her blog has pretty much been the same since launching may of 2011. as of lately she’s been getting her pageviews up but it’s still not where she thinks it should be at this point. she submitted her blog for critique because she was unsure if it’s the design or content that’s not getting her the pageviews to what she’s looking for. well, natasha.. you’ve come to the right place.

the good

you’ve done a good job with keeping everything simple and functional. when i first arrive on your blog, i’m able to locate all your social media links, as well as find specific topics of what i’m looking for within your navigation bar. love how you broke down the categories within the style section. makes it even easier for someone to specific things, such as all your shoe post! i’m always telling bloggers to make sure your pictures are the same size as your content width, it looks like you’ve got that going on. so kudos!

the concerns

even though my page views went up, they are still not where i’d like them to be. i’m not sure if it’s the design or content.

after browsing a few pages on your blog, i personally don’t see anything wrong with your content or aesthetics that would make me turn away instantly. i can’t speak for everyone but at least for me it’s neither the blog’s design or the content thats stopping you from getting the pageviews you want. there are a few things you can definitely do to try to boost more views such as joining sites like buffer or that can help you schedule post ahead of time so even when you’re not at the computer, you’re still having your post sent out to people that may have missed it when it was posted at another time.

another thing you can do to get more page views is maybe guest blogging on other style blogs so that you can drive more traffic to your site. and since you post a lot of pictures, use pinterest to your advantage. i’d definitely recommend making a board and pinning all your blog post to that. make sure all your pinned images are awesome pictures with the title of your article, your link and maybe even a watermark logo on the bottom if it’s an original image. you’d be surprise how much traffic you can get from pinterest alone, i’d definitely recommend giving it a try. since your main concern had nothing to do with the design of your blog, let’s talk about ways you can ‘turn it up’.

the solutions

+ spice up that header. since you haven’t changed your blog up that much since you launched in 2011, a new header will instantly give your blog a new look + feel. for this time around i would say maybe loose the background image in the header & just focus more on the actual title of your blog using some cool type. with the new header you’ll probably want to simplify the colors of your navigation bar.

the blog critique | 05 | The Native New Yawker

+ develop some sort of color scheme for the blog. at the current moment, you don’t really have a color scheme going aside from your purple social media buttons and header. time for a change! you can use sites like colourlovers to help you find amazing color schemes already. in one of the earlier blog critiques, i talked a little bit more about color schemes — definitely recommend you check it out!

+ switch up your webfonts. since you’re using wordpress, you can easily download google typography, a wonderful easy webfont plugin and give your blog title headers an update. since it’s a style blog, i’m not against using serif typefaces, but you can spice it up a little more! i’d definitely recommend checking out: old standard TT, josefin Slab and playfair display to name a few.

+ sexy up that sidebar. this is always my recommendation to anyone that submits their blog. when people are on your blog they’ll really be seeing your content and your sidebars. the neater you can get your sidebar, the better. i would just recommend rearranging some of your ads to the bottom of your sidebar so your readers can see your archives and events first.

the overall critique

overall, you have a wonderful style blog, natasha! fun content and beautiful style. the main two things i would recommend are just changing up your header and rearranging your sidebar. it’s been two years! time to switch it up a little. instead of incorporating graphics in your heading, maybe you can make fun category buttons in your sidebar that incorporate your favorite pictures. kinda like what i did with savvy brown’s sidebar. and i would also say download the webfonts plugin and change some of those headers fonts. by making these aesthetic changes to your blog plus some of the social network tips aforementioned, i’m sure your pageviews will eventually get to the point of your liking. i hope i was able to help you with some of your concerns today. looking forward to seeing what you do with your blog in the future!

if you would like to submit your blog for critique, please send an email to with your name, blog URL, type of blog and why you think you need a blog critique.

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