taking two weeks.

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lately, i’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed with my workload.

between working full time and attempting to manage two blogs and still taking freelance clients, i’ve literally burned myself out. with my twenty-fifth birthday approaching (8/12), i’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and just trying to get things in my life together a little bit more. so i’ve decided to give myself a two-week vacation away from blogging. i’m just allowing my creative juices to rest and refuel. i’m giving myself these two weeks to just enjoy my birthday, my friends, my family and maybe work on a few personal projects that i’ve pushed back for months now. hell, i may even change a few things around here. maybe.

i’ll be back with fresh new content on tuesday august 20th. i will still be somewhat active on pinterest and maybe twitter.. so if you’re not following me, do so! see you all in two weeks!

*photo taken by me in livingston manor, ny.

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