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wp wed: simple mag theme

wp wed | simple mag theme

so back again with wordpress wednesday. once again i figured i’d use this day each week to cover something within the whole wordpress spectrum–whether it’s going over plugins or showcasing wonderful themes. today, i’m featuring a wonderful magazine theme for any bloggers out there looking to turn the look of their blog into more of a magazine.

SimpleMag theme

view live demo | purchase – $45

SimpleMag is a responsive, retina-ready, minimalistic magazine theme for wordpress that looks good on any device, from big desktop monitors to small smartphone screens. this theme comes with a very easy to use and intuitive page composer which allows you to add, rearrange the order and change the settings of sections — allowing every page to look different if you so please. the theme also includes off-canvas navigation and sidebar for mobile devices, a configurable dropdown mega menu, full width image carousel that supports variable slide widths for gallery post format, a unique wordpress gallery layout, different category layouts and a self configurable footer. sites like blasted inspiration and MCU style are perfect examples of how brands made the themes their own.

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wp wed. | wordpress.com vs. wordpress.org

WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com

what’s the main difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?
how do i know which one i should use?

those are probably the top two common questions i hear when bloggers are considering moving from blogspot over to wordpress. with my party over hair blog, i started on the blogspot platform for a few months to really get the feel and hang of blogging before moving over to my own self-hosted wordpress blog. since i was already familiar with using wordpress.org for my clients, i didn’t get the transition any thought. i knew the capabilities that one could get from self-hosting their wordpress blogs, so i was on it.

not everyone is like me though, definitely not my clients.. and especially not a lot of new bloggers. i was constantly getting questions about what the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org was so i figured i would just go over some of the differences.

wordpress.org is for the blogger who…

+ wants full theme support. this means you can use custom and commercial themes, as well as all other free themes. with full theme support you can modify and customize anything that you’d like on your site. sounds great, right? the only thing about this is it requires you to pay a yearly domain and hosting fee. i’d highly recommend bluehost which offers web hosting for as low as $4 a month.

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wp wed. | five plugins every blogger should use

WordPress Plugins

two years ago, i self taught myself wordpress.

i still remembering putting together my first website with a purchased theme, signing into the backend and being all.. ‘what.. the..’ but after spending so much time on wordpress, little by little i started to get the hang of it. that’s when i realized having the proper plugins from the start can help make things run more smoothly in the backend.

i figured each wednesday i can share some tips and tricks for handling wordpress, as well as some plugins you all should not only know about, but use. i wanted to kick off this week with five plugins i think every blogger should have when using wordpress.

wordpress editorial calendar

perfect for the beginner blogger looking to schedule posts and set up an editorial calendar. personally, this is my favorite plugin as it allows you to quickly add new post to a calendar, type some notes, and save as a draft or schedule a post. i’m a visual person so i like seeing post laid out on a calendar as it makes it easier for me to see what needs to be done and by when.
WP Editorial Calendar

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