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Jean Claude Van Damme x Volvo Trucks Epic Split

I’ve been reading ‘Contagious: Why Things Catch On’ by Jonah Berger. Yesterday I was on a section where he discussed how the ‘Power of Awe’ inspires people to share things. “Awe is a complex emotion and frequently involves a sense of surprise, unexpectedness or mystery,” he writes. This morning when the Mister shared this video with me, that’s exactly what I felt: awe. Volvo and Van Damme come together to give viewers a truly captivating experience to show off the stability of the Volvo staring. This is advertising done right and if I were BMW, Audi or Benz I’d take some notes. Take 1:17 minutes out of your life to watch this video. You won’t be able to just watch this video once.

lunchtime linkage / the computer: a dangerous instrument? | The Native New Yawker

“The computer is such a powerful instrument that it defines, after a while, what is possible for you. And what is possible is within the computer’s capacity. And while it seems at the beginning like this incredibly gifted and talented service it actually has a very limited intelligence. The brain is so much vaster than the computer, but, the computer is very insistent about what it’s good at. And before you know it it’s like being with somebody who has bad habits — you sort of fall into the bad habits and it begins to dominate the way you think about what is possible.”

— Milton Glaser

I can literally spend hours watching Milton Glaser interviews. If you’re unfamiliar with Milton Glaser, I’m sure you’re more familiar with one of his greatest logos: ‘I ♥ NY’. Yes, this is the man behind the iconic symbol New York City has been using 1977. Not to mention, this guy is the acting chairman of the School of Visual Arts so I’ve had the honor of meeting this legend in person a few times. He’s a wonderful man that shares a wonderful view on design. Personally, I love his perspective on design and it’s process. This just happens to be another one of his wonderful thought-provoking interviews. Bookmark this for when you have 45 minutes to spare.

“The computer’s a dangerous instrument because it shapes your capacity to understand what’s possible.” – Milton Glaser

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lunchtime linkage | more doing, less promoting

“The problem is that we’re now all publicists and promoters, constantly talking at others in an attempt to sell what we’ve made. Social media has become an echo chamber of “buy now,” while offering little reason or value as to why someone else should.”

More Doing, Less Promoting: The Key To Creating Great Work | Paul Jarvis

Are you selling to make people’s life a litter easier or are you selling to just make money? Great read that discuss how to stand out amongst the sea of endless promotions on social media through simply creating great, meaningful work.

Social media is an amplifier, so it can only amplify value in the work you do. It can’t create value that isn’t there.

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lunchtime linkage | 03

Lunchtime Linkage | 03

it’s yet another monday. is it just me or do the weekends just fly by? it’s like i’m so excited on fridays for the weekend and then next thing you know i’m getting everything ready for work before #whodunnit on sunday nights. my birthday is coming up soon in a few weeks, definitely going to give myself a four day weekend by taking a friday and saturday off. but anyway, let’s get into some interesting finds i’ve found over the internet within the last few days:

want to increase your productivity during the day? stop tweeting. inc. shares seven simple ways to boost your productivity.

“if we are obliged to buy something, we have to buy something intelligent, which has longevity, so that you don’t put it in the trash five years later because it no longer a good look.”

french designer philippe starck argues that timeless design is not cliche. consumers should be buying products that will last for generations rather than following trends. a nice, quick read that provides insight to a new way of thinking when it comes to buying things.

battle these hot days with some cool smoothies. martha stewart’s smoothie app offers tons of delicious smoothie recipes for weight-loss, meal replacements, detoxing and more. only $3 in the app store.

i appreciate a good discount as much as the next person. although i’m no longer a student, i still hold onto my id for discount purposes. here’s a list of 36 amazing discounts you can get with your student id.

i never really been a big fan of naked juices as i’ve always felt they were too sweet.. and really not all that healthy for you. well, come to find out naked juice is being forced to remove ‘all natural’ from labels.


what if rappers had a chance to get their own cereals? hip hop cereal boxes is a hilarious collection of some awesome photoshopped cereal titles for rappers including jay z, kanye west, gucci mane and many more.

a new yawk min..

there is an 11-story, luxury apartment block coming to the high line in chelsea at 520 west 28th street. the new residential development will include a communal garden, generous terraces, private courtyards and 11-foot ceilings just to name a few things. i need to hit the lotto like tomorrow.

hope everyone has a wonderful week!

monday lunchtime linkage | 02

Lunchtime Linkage

last monday, i bailed on the lunchtime linkage. not today. this past weekend was a blur. george zimmerman was acquitted of murder, cory monteith from ‘glee’ died + i spent all of my sunday hungover while still managing to make a grand sunday night dinner. but now it’s monday, it’s pay day.. new week, new start. if you’re in new yawk city this week, be aware it’s going to be hazy, hot + humid.

“there’s no mood, no verve, no vision to this music. it’s the sound of champagne being sprayed around an empty locker room.”

with jay-z magna carta holy grail dropping officially last week, a lot of reviews have come back + most people are not impressed. do you agree?

but while we’re on the subject of jay-z, illustrator ali graham is now on a quest to illustrate all 99 problems, one problem per day.


in case you didn’t hear the news.. instagram just introduced web embedding for their content now allowing you to add your instagram photos or videos to your blog post.

when you think about prince you’d never imagine that he has about 5 pounds’ worth of dunk-a-roos in his fridge, right? oh, but he does. prince was nice enough to let an illustrator show us what’s in his fridge.

soon new york city businesses, organizations + residents will be able to register a .nyc domain name for their sites. rest of the world, are you jealous?

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