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Design Critique

earlier this week, i wrote about some common design mistakes bloggers make. the post received some great feedback + there were a lot of great discussions happening within the comments. since the post went up on monday, i’ve had a quite few people ask me if i could take a look at their blogs + give them a critique. that’s when the idea hit me.. why not start a blog critique series on the blog?

so here’s what’s going to happen.. every thursday, i will pick one blog to critique. critiques will include discussing any design flaws, as well as technical issues, such as not having all proper contact information above fold or having a confusion navigation. after pointing out some of the flaws, i will give suggestions, list resources + give the blogger some ‘homework’ to do in order to bring their blog up a notch.

because in my head, i’m like.. the fake gordon ramsay of the design world..

i’d love to check up on some of the blogs critiqued + do a revisit post where we see if after having their blog critiqued help with their traffic, views or whatever problems they may have been dealing with before. sounds cool right? would you like to get in on this?

how to submit your blog for a design critique:

send an email to with your name, blog URL, category of your blog, how long you’ve been blogging + why you feel your blog is in need of a critique.

it’s that simple. i will pick a new blog to critique on sundays + send a reply email to the blogger letting them know they can expect a post for the upcoming week. i will also try to schedule some critiques in advanced, so you may get an email from me letting you know which thursday your critique will go up. if i’m noticing there are more blogs coming in, i may do two critiques a week. but for the time being, i’d like to focus on one blog at a time. it’s like art school all over.

is this blog design critique something you think you’d be interested in?

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