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photoshop etiquette | http://photoshopetiquette.com/

if you’ve ever worked with web designers you’ll know that the more organized your photoshop files are more than likely the easier the job will be for the web designer. when designing websites my photoshop files easily have over 100 layers and if i’m not careful it can get messy real fast. if i don’t have things properly labeled or group, all hell can and most likely will break loose. but i know all this already. what about the person that doesn’t?

well, photoshop etiquette is a wonderful site that offers helpful tips and suggestions on ways you can organize your photoshop documents. the site is broken down into 8 different sections allowing you to learn more about photoshop files, layers, images, types, effects and practices to name a few. the site is offered in almost every language out there making it easy for any and everyone to get acquainted with some photoshop etiquette. having organized photoshop files will definitely make your design process way easier and way less stressful.

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