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iSketchnote | $149 USD

iSketchnote is a brilliant ipad cover that integrates a new digitizing technology with the convenience of a notebook. simply put, iSketchnote transfers your notes and sketches instantly. the developers invented a way to combine the real experience of pen and paper with digital technology. the app lets you digitize your sketches and notes as your write or draw them. you can even set it up to recognize the colors and thickness of certain pens.

the pens are fashioned after regular old pens but don’t require batteries or any type of electrical charge. the case contains a sensor matrix that recognizes and tracks the pen in real time. each pen has a permanent magnet ring that communicates with this matrix. as the moment the pens only come in a black ballpoint and an orange and black felt.

the item is still on kickstarter and if you pledge $149 before october 10th then the iSketchnote could be yours come may 2014. if you choose to wait until the product has launched be prepared to dish out around $190.

studio spotlight | RoAndCo

studio spotlight | RoAndCo

as of lately i’m in the works of revamping my whole portfolio. even though i have quite a few projects that can get thrown up on my portfolio, i want all the new projects to reflect the direction i’m trying to go within my design career. i’m an interactive designer by day which basically means i design anything from websites to apps, whether it be for an ipad, mobile or facebook. i really love interactive design, but my heart has always been in branding. there’s something exciting about giving a concept an aesthetic identity. in the future i’d love to do more branding work for restaurants and retail spaces more than anything. i’ve been pinning away identity inspiration but i wanted to put the spotlight on a design studio that’s cranking out some wonderful work: RoAndCo.

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fab friday finds | 08 | The Native New Yawker

sunday marks the first official day of fall. as of lately, i’ve been really trying to revamp my whole wardrobe. i’m 25 now and i don’t know.. something about this age makes me finally want to start working on my personal style. i’m a tomboy all day but there are some days when i want to dress up and be more of a girly girl. i’m using this year to start evolving my whole fashion style. aside from bags, i’ve never really browsed any clothing that’s on i figure if i’m always seeing cool furniture and products i love, why not look for some cool things i could rock for the fall.

1. julep working women set, $25 2. corner store thank you shopper, $179 — i think this is too cute. i absolutely need this. 3. petra necklace, smoky quartz, $60 4. leather mini skirt, $72 5. dolce vita hymore dress, coral, $145 6. wizard print leopard watch, $74.95 7. enzo tote cognac, $89 8. infinity scarf dance party, $26 9. golden owl ring, $77 10. polite as fuck tee, men’s gray, $22 — i love getting men shirts in smalls.

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tweak your biz title generator |

a while back i had discovered a content idea generator that provided fun, catchy headline suggestions for blog post. although it’s a pretty cool site, i could never use some of the headline ideas it generated. they were fun, just not useable. at least not for me. my boss recently introduced me to tweak your biz title generator and i absolutely had to share.

unlike the content idea generator, the tweak your biz title generator displays a variety of possible titles to use based on the keywords you enter. what i like most about it is it offers use tons of title suggestions within categories such as list, best of, how to, secrets and questions. definitely bookmark this site. i guarantee it’s something you’ll be using quite often. i know i will.

interior envy | contemporary pad with tropical flavor

interior envy | contemporary pad with tropical flavor | The Native New Yawker

these last few weeks have been hectic for me. tomorrow my job celebrate it’s 20th anniversary so i’ve been busy designing all materials for that and just making sure things have been flowing smoothly. not to mention, i’ve still had to tackle freelance client work once i get home. it was just a lot. all that resulted in me not wanting to look at a computer or a blog for the last few days.. so i didn’t. today, i finally got made a little time to browse the web and look for some inspiration.

i stumbled across this wonderful contemporary house in village of comporta, portugal and had to share. i’m absolutely loving the ‘electric cocktail’ of design going on within the house. i don’t think a person could live here and ever be sad as the colors and view can definitely brighten and lift one’s spirit. what i absolutely love about this interior is the way the bright splashes of color play against the white backdrop and the mix of new and vintage furniture throughout the place. not to mention the surrounding estate offers a spectacular swimming pool, gardens and stone steps that leads up to an elevated and secluded porch. oh and how i could forget as a sucker of large prints, i’m loving the palm tree print. i wouldn’t mind that chilling in my living room. so once again future house, please.. take note.

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