how instagram may have killed off vine in a day

Instagram Video

even though i made a vine account, i never actually made a vine video. the whole six second thing constantly had me over thinking concepts for videos, which in turn resulted in videos never being made. ever. i barely opened the app.

then yesterday, i received an update for instagram. instagram just added video to my already favorite pastime app + just like that.. vine died in my world. i deleted the app for good.

but why would you delete the ‘great’ vine?

+ i didn’t like being constrained to six seconds. i felt with such limited time, my vines needed to be like awesome. now, instagram granted me up to fifteen seconds of recording time. the videos don’t have to be that long — but i no longer feel pressure of capturing great videos in just a mere six seconds.

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another blog? why, yes.

The Native New Yawker

let’s see.. where do i start?

with an introduction i suppose.

im laura, but most of the world, with the exception of my coworkers + those i went to high school with, call me l. preferred to be referred to as just an initial since most people horribly pronounce my government name. but for now, you can call me l.. or el.. or elle, as ive spelled it all kind of ways in the past, or just plain ol’ laura. one day we’ll get into my government name, but for now.. lets keep it moving.

some things about me.

well aside from the obvious that im an awesome new yorker, i also work full time as an interactive designer at an cool agency in chelsea. im fluently sarcastic, a minimalist lover + live my life by way of list. my boyfriend of almost 8 years + i live together with our 3 yr old pomeranian, ari in queens. i am a self-proclaimed buffalo wing connoisseur, appreciate great type + actually own a car (if you live in queens, you need one). you will almost never catch me without my ray bans + a denim button up of some sort. i have a full left sleeve which really doesn’t make appearances until the summer.

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i want in | the wolf of wall street


within the whole 2:15 of watching the trailer, i can count so many reasons as to why i need to see this. let’s see, there’s leonardo dicapro, there’s jonah hill, there’s some type of financial scandal, it’s a martin scorsese film + they’ve used kanye’s ‘black skinhead’ in the trailer. need i say more? im sold. will you be seeing the wolf of wall street when it hits theaters?