Fab Fridays | 01

some people can browse etsy shops all day and find amazing things. i am not one of those people. from time to time, i’ll stumble upon a gem or two, but usually i just don’t have the patience. now fab.com.. that’s my website. love going on the site and curating my list of wants. each friday i’ll share with you some of the cool products i’ve found during the week.

1. copilcus positive piggy bank, $19 2. paint chip placement multi 4pk, $54 3. another fucking tote, $21 4. vin2go wine tumbler white 2 pack, $25 5. thyme refill, $17 6. we are happy to serve you, $13 7. coco&yves poster, $18 8. hand c’mere white, $65 9. log bowl large aqua, $195 10. venus of cupertino, $125 11. mini safari arrows, $48 12. mullan tv cabinet white, $450

The Blog Critique #01: Developing A Color Scheme For Your Blog

The Blog Critique

first let me say, thank you to all who’ve submitted blogs to be critiqued thus far. at this point, this series should be going well off into the winter. holla! so without further adieu, let’s get started with this week’s first blog critique!

natural hair, beauty + lifestyle blog

having just switched from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, monet submitted her blog for critique because she has “no idea what to do as far as design.” she wants to move away from the traditional blog look to more of an editorial website layout. she also doesn’t feel as though she’s using her space efficiently and not only does she not have a color scheme, but she has no idea how to pick one. well mo, you came to the right place.

i always like to start of critiques highlighting some of the good things that a blogger has going on with their page. just because your blog may not be where you want it to be aesthetically just yet, doesn’t mean you don’t have some good things brewing. so let’s take some time to reflect on all the good that’s going on with curlsandmo.com:

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wp wed. | five plugins every blogger should use

WordPress Plugins

two years ago, i self taught myself wordpress.

i still remembering putting together my first website with a purchased theme, signing into the backend and being all.. ‘what.. the..’ but after spending so much time on wordpress, little by little i started to get the hang of it. that’s when i realized having the proper plugins from the start can help make things run more smoothly in the backend.

i figured each wednesday i can share some tips and tricks for handling wordpress, as well as some plugins you all should not only know about, but use. i wanted to kick off this week with five plugins i think every blogger should have when using wordpress.

wordpress editorial calendar

perfect for the beginner blogger looking to schedule posts and set up an editorial calendar. personally, this is my favorite plugin as it allows you to quickly add new post to a calendar, type some notes, and save as a draft or schedule a post. i’m a visual person so i like seeing post laid out on a calendar as it makes it easier for me to see what needs to be done and by when.
WP Editorial Calendar

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don’t fear the internet | http://www.dontfeartheinternet.com/

this site is perfect for non-web designers as it covers basic HTML + CSS. at the current time there are only seven lessons up that cover typography, targeting content, CSS, developer tools, HTML + more. every lesson is delivered in video format, but with text notes that you can easily refer to later. if you’ve been wanting to dabble more coding + web design, this site is definitely a great place to start.

monday lunchtime linkage | 02

Lunchtime Linkage

last monday, i bailed on the lunchtime linkage. not today. this past weekend was a blur. george zimmerman was acquitted of murder, cory monteith from ‘glee’ died + i spent all of my sunday hungover while still managing to make a grand sunday night dinner. but now it’s monday, it’s pay day.. new week, new start. if you’re in new yawk city this week, be aware it’s going to be hazy, hot + humid.

“there’s no mood, no verve, no vision to this music. it’s the sound of champagne being sprayed around an empty locker room.”

with jay-z magna carta holy grail dropping officially last week, a lot of reviews have come back + most people are not impressed. do you agree?

but while we’re on the subject of jay-z, illustrator ali graham is now on a quest to illustrate all 99 problems, one problem per day.


in case you didn’t hear the news.. instagram just introduced web embedding for their content now allowing you to add your instagram photos or videos to your blog post.

when you think about prince you’d never imagine that he has about 5 pounds’ worth of dunk-a-roos in his fridge, right? oh, but he does. prince was nice enough to let an illustrator show us what’s in his fridge.

soon new york city businesses, organizations + residents will be able to register a .nyc domain name for their sites. rest of the world, are you jealous?

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