Fab Friday Finds | 02

it wasn’t until i put this collage together that i noticed it has such a neutral feel. although i love colors and patterns, my eye is always drawn to neutral tones. loving this week’s round up. i’m in need of some coasters for the apartment and these brooklyn slate coasters are everything to me right now. and if i had $900 to spare.. it would so go to that side table.

1. holla doormat, $45 2. new york magnet blackboard, $35 3. dropp! fruit bowl snow white, $44.95 4. slate coasters black set of 4, $15 5. rook lamp, $299 6. tracktop laptop sleeve 15″ gray, $19 7. SQ18 side table, $900 8. bamonte desk black, $395 9. little big wall clock black, $36 10. kina pendant 440 white, $600

The Blog Critique #02: Speaking To Your Reader With Design

The Blog Critique | 02

it’s thursday! you know what that means.. another blog critique! once again i’m going to start off by thanking all of ya’ll that have been spreading the word about the blog critique series. i’m glad you guys are enjoying it as much as i am. well, let’s not delay.. let’s get right into this week’s critique.

healthy lifestyle blog

healthy living blogger, pilar, is slowly approaching her first full year of being about that blogging life having been blogging for eight months now. as she’s reaching her one year mark pilar is curious about ways she could improve her blog herself, as well as raised a few concerns. The top two concerns being her header and navigation and well.. everything else.

if you follow me on twitter you know that i’m a self-proclaimed minimalist aficionado and it seems like pilar wants for her blog to be minimal with a personal touch. yaaasss, that we can do! along with those issues, overall she really just wants to know to “speak” to her audience members in terms of design. well, pilar.. you’ve come to the right place.

the good

in art school, you’ll have critiques for almost every project you do. the point of the critique is to offer constructive criticism and feedback to help you excel as the creative you are. you must first acknowledge the good of the design before offering advice on how one can make it better. so, let’s talk about the good that’s going on with pilarinmotion.com:

+ less is more. when you don’t know what to do with design, doing less is probably the best thing you can actually do. i appreciate that you don’t have my eye competing for where to look first. i can clearly locate your navigation, header, sidebar and content. boom. right to the point.

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wp wed. | wordpress.com vs. wordpress.org

WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com

what’s the main difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?
how do i know which one i should use?

those are probably the top two common questions i hear when bloggers are considering moving from blogspot over to wordpress. with my party over hair blog, i started on the blogspot platform for a few months to really get the feel and hang of blogging before moving over to my own self-hosted wordpress blog. since i was already familiar with using wordpress.org for my clients, i didn’t get the transition any thought. i knew the capabilities that one could get from self-hosting their wordpress blogs, so i was on it.

not everyone is like me though, definitely not my clients.. and especially not a lot of new bloggers. i was constantly getting questions about what the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org was so i figured i would just go over some of the differences.

wordpress.org is for the blogger who…

+ wants full theme support. this means you can use custom and commercial themes, as well as all other free themes. with full theme support you can modify and customize anything that you’d like on your site. sounds great, right? the only thing about this is it requires you to pay a yearly domain and hosting fee. i’d highly recommend bluehost which offers web hosting for as low as $4 a month.

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Kite Mosquito Patch

now i don’t know about you guys.. but during the summer, i tend to either not get bit at all or i get bit all over. this summer it seemed to be the latter. now i’ll admit, this year it’s definitely mostly my fault as i’ve given up using bug sprays like OFF because the chemicals literally make me sick while wandering into backyards i really had no business going into ‘unprotected’. and then i’ve been meaning to try all these natural remedies i found for fighting off mosquitos, but i just haven’t gotten around to it. typical. it’s like the universe heard my cries and showed me the kite mosquito patch and i was sold. it’s a small patch that you just simply stick to your body BAM.. you’re mosquito free for up to 48 hours. seriously how amazing is that? this amazing product is part of a crowdfunding site that has raised over $160,216 with 36 days left. all i know is when this product is finally released.. i want in.

The L List | The Native New Yawker

figured i’d kick off the start of the week with another new series i’ve been wanting to do for the longest: the l list. at least once a week, i’ll share a curated list of my favorite products chosen either by color, theme, brand or just at random.. kinda like today.

1. madewell transport tote, $98 2. hand pen holder, $15 – SALE 3. square cat eye glasses, $98 4. avec moderation abstract feather flats, $106 – SALE 5. omg becky tank top, $22 6. porcelain pineapple, $55