I Don’t Want To Design For Everyone

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I Don't Want To Design For Everyone | The Native New Yawker

I’ve had almost every client under the sun—from your up and coming start-up to your well-established brands—for almost any type of design project you can think of. Branding, app design, blog design, package design… I’ve done it all.

For the last five years, not only did I get to see what fields of design I thoroughly loved, but I got a chance to see what types of clients I did and didn’t enjoy working with.

While I work with mostly fashion and beauty brands at work, there’s no telling who my next client can be or what industry they are apart of. One minute I could be finishing up a campaign for Roxy only to be thrown on designing the UI for a fashion game app a few days later. An although I don’t mind the new challenges of being a general designer that can take on any type of work, the more I’m getting into my profession the more I’m realizing that I only want to cater to a specific type of client in a specific industry.

Since my freelance time is limited due to my full-time job, I’ve been really trying to make sure that any projects I take from here on out are projects that I’m truly passionate about. It was time to narrow down my niche.

After doing a little reflecting on some of my favorite types of projects and clients I had, I was able to settle on three industries that I want to stick with. Just three: the food, retail & luxury hospitality industries.

I love food, shopping is pretty cool and c’mon… who doesn’t love gawking at mind-blowing luxury resorts? Despite all those things I find chefs, restaurants & store owners to be just as passionate about their brand as the designers.

From the clients I’ve dealt with, they like to be a little more hands on with the whole design process rather than giving me full creative control. And I like that… a lot actually. When my client’s are excited about what’s to come from us working together, it gets me even more excited to get the work done.

And let’s be real… nothing gets me more excited than creating menus, product tags or coming up with creative ways to ditch the conventional brochure for resorts. I’ve always said that restaurants/food trucks and stores have some of the best collateral that needs to be designed. Hotels… it’s usually a hit or miss, but I’m working to change that.

So while I already have my hands full on a few major projects for the rest of the year at this point I’ll only be accepting branding projects from restaurant, food trucks, brick & mortar store brands and luxury resorts. Excited for what’s in store.

I haven’t forgotten about the bloggers and entreprenuers though. While I’ll no longer be accepting projects, I’ve decided to dedicate the Etsy shop to providing design resources & success tools to help better brand & market yourselves.

In the meantime, it’s time to start working on updating my portfolio to target my ideal client. Since I won’t be including a lot of my work in my portfolio, I’ll be sure to start sharing more of my work on this blog.

Are you a niche designer? What made you stick to a specific niche rather than a general designer?

*photo credit: death to stock photography

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