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Moodboard: Desert Oasis | The Native New Yawker

Earlier this month I decided to limit my design services to the food, retail and luxury hospitality industries. Since then I’ve been really trying to get my act together, but most importantly finalize my personal branding & new portfolio that I’ve been ‘working on’ for the last two years now. A majority of the work that is going into my new portfolio is self-initiated work that I plan on pitching to the companies once done.

This moodboard is for a complete rebranding project I’m pitching to a wonderful luxury hotel located in Canyon Point, Utah. This resort was designed to blend into its dramatic surroundings where deep canyons and towering plateaus create a remarkable landscape. I’m ditching my normal black & white aesthetic for a more calmer, peaceful palette of beiges, pinks and oranges. Currently, there’s a real disconnect with what the resort has to offer vs. how their actual branding speaks to their target consumer. With this rebrand project, the main objective is making the new brand feel as peaceful & tranquil as the resort is. Stay tuned.

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