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lunchtime linkage | more doing, less promoting

“The problem is that we’re now all publicists and promoters, constantly talking at others in an attempt to sell what we’ve made. Social media has become an echo chamber of “buy now,” while offering little reason or value as to why someone else should.”

More Doing, Less Promoting: The Key To Creating Great Work | Paul Jarvis

Are you selling to make people’s life a litter easier or are you selling to just make money? Great read that discuss how to stand out amongst the sea of endless promotions on social media through simply creating great, meaningful work.

Social media is an amplifier, so it can only amplify value in the work you do. It can’t create value that isn’t there.

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  • Great reminder!

    • L.

      Thanks Marie! 😀

  • C.D. Beatrice Clay

    Girl! THIS is what I think about daily. “SOCIAL MEDIA IS AN AMPLIFIER, SO IT CAN ONLY AMPLIFY VALUE IN THE WORK YOU DO. IT CAN’T CREATE VALUE THAT ISN’T THERE.”This is a powerful reminder to create and contribute first and foremost. It’s so easy to get caught up in LIKES, FOLLOW BACKS, etc but at the end of the day are you making someone’s life better, easier more beautiful? ***hugs and hi5s***

    • L.

      Yaaaass, girl yasss. I feel like nowadays a lot of bloggers are more worried about generating an income from their blogs than taking the time to learn their blog & their audience. Bloggers need to worry first and foremost about their content and the quality of it.

  • Excellent message.

    • L.

      Thank you, Rochelle! 🙂

  • Right on time! Thanks for sharing this.

    • L.

      Thank you for taking time out to stop by & read it!

  • *body rolls through post*

    • L.

      *joins in on the body roll*

  • This is so true.

  • Agreed! Social Media has been so misused, it’s annoying. It really looks like we’re all publicists these days. As you well wrote on my blog once: I partially blame all blogs and business out there, who want to make you a Social Media Marketing expert over a 1-week course. O.o

  • I LOVEEEEE That article! My fave line: ” I’ve changed my domain name, my company name, and probably broken every marketing, promotion, and branding rule there is. I don’t even have a logo that I’ve kept for more than a few months….” because this is me 100%, but now my pattern makes a lot more since to me after reading this article. How awesome. Love.

  • Baby Teems

    I know this but its so easy to get thrown off track with bait to “grow” instead of just blogging better. A lot of the “get big” schemes have nothing to do with quality of content…just baiting people to give you clicks it seems. Yea marketing gets you a click… but if you have poor engagement ratios and turnovers, what value do you really have?