lunchtime linkage | 03

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Lunchtime Linkage | 03

it’s yet another monday. is it just me or do the weekends just fly by? it’s like i’m so excited on fridays for the weekend and then next thing you know i’m getting everything ready for work before #whodunnit on sunday nights. my birthday is coming up soon in a few weeks, definitely going to give myself a four day weekend by taking a friday and saturday off. but anyway, let’s get into some interesting finds i’ve found over the internet within the last few days:

want to increase your productivity during the day? stop tweeting. inc. shares seven simple ways to boost your productivity.

“if we are obliged to buy something, we have to buy something intelligent, which has longevity, so that you don’t put it in the trash five years later because it no longer a good look.”

french designer philippe starck argues that timeless design is not cliche. consumers should be buying products that will last for generations rather than following trends. a nice, quick read that provides insight to a new way of thinking when it comes to buying things.

battle these hot days with some cool smoothies. martha stewart’s smoothie app offers tons of delicious smoothie recipes for weight-loss, meal replacements, detoxing and more. only $3 in the app store.

i appreciate a good discount as much as the next person. although i’m no longer a student, i still hold onto my id for discount purposes. here’s a list of 36 amazing discounts you can get with your student id.

i never really been a big fan of naked juices as i’ve always felt they were too sweet.. and really not all that healthy for you. well, come to find out naked juice is being forced to remove ‘all natural’ from labels.


what if rappers had a chance to get their own cereals? hip hop cereal boxes is a hilarious collection of some awesome photoshopped cereal titles for rappers including jay z, kanye west, gucci mane and many more.

a new yawk min..

there is an 11-story, luxury apartment block coming to the high line in chelsea at 520 west 28th street. the new residential development will include a communal garden, generous terraces, private courtyards and 11-foot ceilings just to name a few things. i need to hit the lotto like tomorrow.

hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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