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Period Panties | The Native New Yawker

Every now & then I’ll come across a Kickstarter project that I think is awesome & would love to back. Usually, I don’t. Mostly because I forget. There’s never really been a project that has made me say “That’s it. Where’s my wallet?”.. Well, not until my boyfriend showed me Period Panties. Period Panties was developed by a man (of course) as a way to not only know when it was that time of month for his girlfriend, but also as a way for ladies to feel a little bit better about themselves when Aunt Dot comes to visit. With Period Panties, you no longer have to dread wearing those ‘granny panties’ you keep hidden in the back of the drawers. What really caught my attention aside from the bright, colorful illustrations were the actual names given to the underwear, including: Bleeder of the Pack, Cunt Dracula, and Sour Puss. Hilarious. So I finally donated $100 to this project for all 10 pair… because they’re just too awesome to not have. The project has already surpassed its goal of $10K, raising almost $317K. There are still 8 left days to donate.

Is this something you’d back?

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