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iSketchnote | The Native New Yawker

iSketchnote | $149 USD

iSketchnote is a brilliant ipad cover that integrates a new digitizing technology with the convenience of a notebook. simply put, iSketchnote transfers your notes and sketches instantly. the developers invented a way to combine the real experience of pen and paper with digital technology. the app lets you digitize your sketches and notes as your write or draw them. you can even set it up to recognize the colors and thickness of certain pens.

the pens are fashioned after regular old pens but don’t require batteries or any type of electrical charge. the case contains a sensor matrix that recognizes and tracks the pen in real time. each pen has a permanent magnet ring that communicates with this matrix. as the moment the pens only come in a black ballpoint and an orange and black felt.

the item is still on kickstarter and if you pledge $149 before october 10th then the iSketchnote could be yours come may 2014. if you choose to wait until the product has launched be prepared to dish out around $190.

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