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this past weekend my boyfriend and i celebrated 8 7 years (after a miscalculation from my part). if you’ve been in a relationship or even married for as long as i have, you’ll know when it comes to date night things can start getting a little routine. i’m sure my boyfriend always hate the ‘so, what are we doing tonight?’ questions when friday or saturday swings around. there have been months where we’ve seen everything in the theater, then it’s like.. ok, now what. and sure, we can restaurant hop until we drop — afterall, we are in new york city, but i’ll end up gaining while my boyfriend stays perfectly the same. so we needed a resolution. something to save date night. then a coworker put me onto a site that one of his good friends started: HowAboutWe couples.

each month, members receive a datebook with beautifully presented, one-of-a-kind dates specifically curated for its users. you literally just book a date you like and HowAboutWe takes care of all the reservations so all you have to do is show up on your date. not to mention, once a month you get one free date to choose from. oh, and each month you get new rewards, such as two-for-1 fandango movie tickets. for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, members get unlimited access to their free concierge service for personalized date planning. unfortunately at the current time HowAboutWe is only in new york, seattle, chicago and san francisco. so how much does all of this cost? it’s only $18 a month and you can cancel or put your membership on hold at any time. if you’re interested in joining and want to receive $50 off your first date, then sign up today.

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