how to increase facebook likes with one simple step

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how to increase facebook likes | The Native New Yawker

If you follow me on Twitter, occasionally you’ll see my mini rants about being fed up with Facebook and their constantly-changing algorithms. I had started a Page for The Native New Yawker on Facebook back in June hadn’t had much growth since then. For months, my number of likes remained within the 80’s. Now the low numbers are mostly, if not all.. because of me.

The goal of the Facebook Page is to share design articles, products + useful tidbits, as well as the latest happenings in New York, with my readers. Sometimes I come across awesome things & don’t want to write a full post to share the info. But I wasn’t posting frequently, nor was I promoting the actual page.

Not ready to divorce Facebook just yet, I decided to try a slight change that ended up bumping up my Facebook Likes 17% last week. Finally hit that 100 Like milestone on my Page that was taking me months to achieve. How did I do this? I said, screw design for a second and used the actual Facebook Like Box Social Plugin.

how to increase facebook likes | The Native New Yawker

The problem with my designed Facebook button is that it opens up the Facebook Page in a new tab, forcing my reader to get off my page–even if it’s for a second. By including the Facebook Like Box, you allow your readers to like your Page without having to leave your site, plus they’re able to see if any of their friends are fans of your page as well.

Some may be like “Uh, duh..” but I was against using the Social Plugin for aesthetic reasons for the longest. Sometimes.. and only sometimes.. you just have to be like, screw the look if it’s for a functional purpose.

If you’re into great design, branding & [social media, content & digital] marketing strategies, be sure to follow the Facebook page.

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