how instagram may have killed off vine in a day

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Instagram Video

even though i made a vine account, i never actually made a vine video. the whole six second thing constantly had me over thinking concepts for videos, which in turn resulted in videos never being made. ever. i barely opened the app.

then yesterday, i received an update for instagram. instagram just added video to my already favorite pastime app + just like that.. vine died in my world. i deleted the app for good.

but why would you delete the ‘great’ vine?

+ i didn’t like being constrained to six seconds. i felt with such limited time, my vines needed to be like awesome. now, instagram granted me up to fifteen seconds of recording time. the videos don’t have to be that long — but i no longer feel pressure of capturing great videos in just a mere six seconds.

+ you can add filters to your videos in instagram. with vine, you can’t. 2013 is clearly the year of filters, vine should have known that.

+ you can now tap within the frame to focus your depth of field whereas tapping within the frame of vine just means you’re filming.

+ there’s no auto loop which i found highly annoying over on vine. now if you want to view a video, just press the pause/play button in the top right hand corner.

+ you can now decide if you want your videos to auto play or not. if you still want the vine feel, then keep auto play on. if you’re not about that auto play life, you can go into your settings + turn it off. kinda amazing.

+ you can choose your cover picture for the video. i think aside from the filters, this is my second favorite feature. nothing makes me sadder than recording a great video and having a wack thumbnail. not anymore.

+ instagram video now allows for you to edit clips. simply click the delete button marked with an ‘X’ to remove the last frame.. or two that you don’t want. vine, why wasn’t this included again?

now that instagram has launched video, how many of you will continuing using vine? do you think vine still has a purpose now?

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  • I never used Vine and don’t have much thought for video clip sharing, yet. I do like how Instagram executed their video implementation. It just makes it easier for users. Why have two apps when you can get better functionality from one? I might try a video on Instagram in the future but for now, I think it’s a neat concept!

    • L.

      Agreed! Now that I can view video + images within the same app, there’s really no need for Vine. But now I feel like I’ll definitely be giving it a try now.

  • I was limited to keek on my android and I hated that too. I saw the update this morning. I love your review though. I learned something new…

    • L.

      I never heard of Keek, but from what I’m seeing Instagram Video is taking the cake with this whole video sharing thing.

      • You’re so right. My timeline is poppin with video. Kind of excited! Boooooo to @missfoodiefab:disqus for not liking the video!

        • L.

          Lol, yea my timeline has been popping with video. But like Miss Foodie Fab, sometimes I’m not always about that life.. lucky there’s the auto play options so the videos won’t play without you pressing play. Once again, Instagram for the win.

  • In the months since I downloaded Vine I never even used it. And with all the cool instavideo features clearly I didn’t need it! Deleted it immediately after updating IG.

    • L.

      Girl, you & me both. Instagram Video takes the cake!

  • Good review, but you all ready know I’m like nooooooooooo. 😉

    • L.

      Lol! I feel you, lucky tho you can now turn off the autoplay & never have to look at videos again. I’m glad Instagram realized not everyone is about that video life!

  • I just really started to use Vine like a week ago, and then IG made this change! I don’t know how I feel about either (videos on IG AND Vine). I have yet to even make my frist IG video!

    • L.

      I have yet to make my first video as well, but I am a fan of having the video + image within the same app. Plus, if you dont want to see videos you can just turn off the auto-play. That’s what won me over.

  • I never used Vine, in fact I didn’t even know about it till maybe a month needless to say, it didn’t matter to me, lol. And as for the instagram video, thank God we can turn auto play off, because some videos are just over the top!! I have yet to make my first IG video.

    • L.

      Agreed! Like with Vine, people are prone to do the most with their videos, especially since they now have more than 6 seconds. But yes, I am such a fan of turning off the auto play. #AintNobodyGotTimeForYourOverTheTopVideos lmao

  • KiwiMami

    I’m still #teamvine because the people on there are so creative and funny! Instagram has more features and I appreciate them but Vine gives me life. Plus Vine is like Twitter as Facebook is Instagram…you can’t go on Facebook updating statuses every 5mins- that’s what Twitter is for. Same as Instagram you can’t upload a video repeatedly before it gets annoying to everyone, that’s Vine’s sole platform.

    • L.

      You make some valid points! Yea, I haven’t seen anyone beasting w. the video uploads on Instagram yet, thank gawd. But I get it.. some people like their images + video separate. I still have friends at all #TeamVine all day. I just felt too much pressure from it + wasn’t following a lot of people so it was easier for me to let it go!