goodbye, google reader.

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Google Reader Alternatives

aside from the blatant disrespect of taking google reader completely off the google navigation, i seem to be reminded daily that come july 1st, google reader will no longer be there.

alright, i get it.

these last few months ive been experimenting with other readers looking to find my new replacement. even though ive found several i like at the current moment i find myself still using google reader at the end of the day.

when designing user interfaces is part of your job, you tend to get a little nit picky over small things. I absolutely love the simplicity of the google reader, so when searching for a replacement that’s one thing i look for in my replacement. simple and functional. so ive found two that i will be sticking to:

feedly | for the iphone + ipad

perfect for: someone looking for a more hip reader that gives you different layout options for each of your feeds.

why i use it?

+ although i prefer using the browser to read my subscriptions i love the interface of feedly on the ipad + iphone. love the magazine layout as it generally makes the reader more appealing as you have options what you can read instead of having to keep scrolling.

+ as a blogger i subscribe to my own blogs so that i can see just how many people ‘love’ specific posts to help me with further topics to write about.

+ the sharing capabilities on feedly are awesome as most websites have a feedly sharing button located on the bottom right hand side.

the old reader | for the browser

perfect for: someone who enjoys the simple layout google reader has to offer. looking for a replacement but wants the same feel.

why i use it?

+ i prefer the simplicity of the google reader – subscriptions to the left, content to the right. if you like something, you start it – simple. the old reader gives me that same google reader vibe with a fresher type choice + retro color scheme.

+ the installation is simple as it requires you transfer your google reader subscriptions via .xml file, plus it takes about five minutes to completely transfer all the data.

have you found your google reader replacement?

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