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WordPress Plugins

two years ago, i self taught myself wordpress.

i still remembering putting together my first website with a purchased theme, signing into the backend and being all.. ‘what.. the..’ but after spending so much time on wordpress, little by little i started to get the hang of it. that’s when i realized having the proper plugins from the start can help make things run more smoothly in the backend.

i figured each wednesday i can share some tips and tricks for handling wordpress, as well as some plugins you all should not only know about, but use. i wanted to kick off this week with five plugins i think every blogger should have when using wordpress.

wordpress editorial calendar

perfect for the beginner blogger looking to schedule posts and set up an editorial calendar. personally, this is my favorite plugin as it allows you to quickly add new post to a calendar, type some notes, and save as a draft or schedule a post. i’m a visual person so i like seeing post laid out on a calendar as it makes it easier for me to see what needs to be done and by when.
WP Editorial Calendar

wordpress related post

great plugin to have from the start as it helps increase reader engagement by adding related posts to the bottom of your content. on top of that, you get statistics about page views and clicks (in real time). it’s easy to use and very customizable, providing you options for both desktop and mobile.
WP Related Post

rss footer

i recently stumbled upon this little gem. this plugin allows you to add additional content in the footer of your rss post. you can now have all your social networks and related post at the end of all your post a reader may read on bloglovin’. you have the option of having the additional text appear either before or after your post and add as much HTML you’ll need to get ‘er done. perfect for promoting giveaways, events or just your social links.
RSS Footer

all-for-one seo

for the blogger that knows nothing about SEO and just needs a place to start with SEO, that actually works.. well this is the perfect plugin for you. this plugin is a module on every post page, as well as on pages that allow you to give your blog post a seo title, description and key words. you can update to the pro for more features and analytics, but if you’re just starting out you’ll be fine with the free version.

google analytics

if you purchase a theme, chances are there’s already a plugin active that only requires your Google Analytic Code (usually looks like U71#####A format). that’s cool, you can just track your website from the google analytics site. for those of you that would like access to your analytics within the wordpress backend, this is the plugin for you as your info and statistics are displayed using a widget directly on your dashboard.

Google Analytics

if you have these plugins, you’re setting yourself up with a good foundation. with these five plugins you’ve tackled user engagement, analytic tracking, SEO, rss promo and post management. holla. i’ll share more plugins in weeks to come, but you’re turn.

what are some of your staple plugins you’d recommend for a new blogger using wordpress?

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