five reasons why i left your blog immediately

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Five Design Mistakes Bloggers Make

as you know by now, im a designer.

i live + breathe design.. well, no.. i live + breathe good design, exceptional design even.

art school has trained my eyes to look at something + instantly see the good in the design, or more times than most, the bad. my eyes can pick up when something isn’t kerned (kerning: (v.) adjusting the spacing between letters or characters.) properly, or when something is off by a pixel or two. being this nit picky about design would of course cross over into me being ridiculously nit picky about blog design.

usually when i find a new blog, the first five seconds of landing on the page will determine if your blog makes my subscription reader or gets lost amongst the interwebs. i guess in this instance.. we can say i judge a book by it’s cover. *hangs head in shame.. kinda.*

if it’s not aesthetically in pleasing for my taste, i probably will leave if the content isn’t that interesting.. if it’s well designed, it gets added to the reader regardless the content. so here are my top five reasons i’d leave your site in a hurry:

you have music on autoplay.
not to mention, you don’t have the control options above the fold.

no matter what music is playing, i came on your site to read.. not be distracted by what you currently like to listen to. if you really want me to listen, make a music playlist post. you’ve then got my ear.

you’re using lobster, papyrus, comic sans or some other typeface that may be aesthetically unpleasing for 2013.

if all else fails, helvetica can be your friend. hell, get fancy + try futura.. anything but lobster. if you’re looking for some aesthetically pleasing webfonts, try google or typekit. i’ll discuss more about good typefaces in future post to come.

you don’t believe in white space.

your blog needs to breathe, white space allows that. let your blog breathe, don’t let a little white space here + there freak you out, instead embrace it. your readers will thank you.

instead of a color scheme, you just let the colors vomit all over your page.

i’ve been on quite a few sites that should have some type of ‘may call epilepsy’ warning on them. there’s nothing wrong with colors – use them until you can’t use them anymore, but use them in good taste. come up with five colors that play well with each other, designate a primary color + let the other colors accent that one.

i can’t find the simple things needed.

whereas this isn’t really that of an aesthetic thing, this is just more vital for your blog where the design can help call out these features. if you don’t have your important info, such as your topics, your contact info, social links or about above the fold, i’ll probably just leave. before reading content, i like to have a brief intro about the blogger (says the girl who has yet to fill out her about page.. i’m workin’ on that), maybe know what her topics will include & social links so i can follow if needed. the moment i have to ask ‘wait.. where is..’ i’m probably leaving.

long story, short

white space with the perfect mixture of colors + great type will aesthetically draw people in. you don’t have to do the most. less is literally always more, at least in the world of design. this isn’t 2000, people don’t want to hear playlist when visiting a site in which they’re supposed to read content – unless your blog is a music blog, then at least take the autopay off. get that player out of here, make monthly or weekly playlist to share if you’re that passionate about you’re music. remember: if you’re looking to work with other bloggers + brands, make sure all your vital info is above the fold.

what are some things that will have you immediately leave a blog?

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