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fab friday finds | 12 | The Native New Yawker

Last weekend, renovations on the apartment were supposed to begin. Nothing too crazy, just moving furniture around, throwing things out and preparing for flooring and white paint. But nothing happened. The Mister & I were swamped with work all weekend that seeped over into this week. Things have kinda slowed down this week.. enough for us to get some cleaning done to move things forward. We’ve.. well, I’ve been starting to put a mood board for each of the rooms. At this point all we’re certain of is the kitchen will be black, white, w. wood and plants all over. That’s it. So this week I headed over to Fab.com to get some inspiration for things around the house. I’m a bohemian minimalist while the Mister is a what I’d call a vintage industrialist. Here are a few finds this week that complement both of our styles.

1. Karpas Killim Pouf, Multi, $229 2. Recycle Bin, Black, $69 3. Tom Dixon Form Bowl Set, Large, $130 – “You spent $130 for some goal bowls you can’t even eat out of?” 4. Pineapple Bowl, $24 – I tend to eat a lot of pineapples so obviously, I’d enjoy eating them even more in a bowl shaped like pineapples. 5. Star Chair Wenge, $1246 – Honestly, I’m in love with the wood work. Gorgeous. For $1246 for one chair, it better be comfortable AF. 6. Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup, $28.95 – You had me at bourbon.. wait, no. Maple Syrup. Either way need this in the apartment immediately. 7. Whiskey Tasting Game, $50 – I love alcoholic tastings and I love drinking games, so.. yes to this. Perfect for entertaining with friends. 8. Rabbit Lamp, $531 – I love all black lamps w. unconventional bases like oh, I don’t know a rabbit. 9. Birch Mural, 8’4 x 12’1, $89 – Can we say birch accent wall in the home office? Uh, yes. 10. Table Grill, $279 – Uh, can we say too cute? 11. Up Three Seater, Deep Blue, $3800 – We’re on the quest for the perfect couch. It’s either going to be leather or it’s going to be velvet.

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  • If I had $3,800 to spare, it would go straight to that couch. Freaking love the color!
    We currently have a leather one, but my younger kitty recently decided that scratching the couch feels good and is absolutely destroying it (looks awful)! So we’re on the look for a fabric couch now.

    • L.

      Awww! We have a leather couch right now that’s been good w. our Pomeranian. We know velvet couches and Pomeranians don’t really go, but something is going to have to give. I need that couch in my life.

  • Amber

    Wow, gorgeous pieces… love that couch of course. Really liking the Tom Dixon set, too… even though gold isn’t my style, these are just gorgeous!

    xox, amber

    • L.

      Once upon a time I wasn’t big on gold either, but it seems the older I get.. the more I’m like GOLD. GOLD. GOLD!

  • Woah…that Coach though. That’s exactly the sort of couch I want in my house.

    • L.

      Seriously! I’m a sucker for velvet and a sucker for navy. I want in.

  • C.D. Beatrice Clay

    Yaasssss gimme those GOAL bowls. LOVE them. Oh, and I want me a giant plush velvet couch too! I am working hard on putting together my nest one room at a time. Instead of putting all the rooms on one Pitnerest board like I’ve been doing, I am going to make boards for each room. My weekend = PINNIVERSE. Thanks!

    • L.

      Girl, you and I both have a day with the Pinniverse this weekend. I’ve made a secret board & just been going HAM but yea, it would be way easier to just do a board for each room!

  • I like the combination of both styles. I think the space, just based on your fines and the two of yous style, is going to come out amazingly well! Just a matter of time..

    Chymere A.

  • I am loving everything here!! How awesome would a table grill be?! That couch and that rabbit lamp are my favorites! Hope you’re enjoying the start to your week my dear!!

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