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fab friday finds | 08 | The Native New Yawker

sunday marks the first official day of fall. as of lately, i’ve been really trying to revamp my whole wardrobe. i’m 25 now and i don’t know.. something about this age makes me finally want to start working on my personal style. i’m a tomboy all day but there are some days when i want to dress up and be more of a girly girl. i’m using this year to start evolving my whole fashion style. aside from bags, i’ve never really browsed any clothing that’s on fab.com. i figure if i’m always seeing cool furniture and products i love, why not look for some cool things i could rock for the fall.

1. julep working women set, $25 2. corner store thank you shopper, $179 — i think this is too cute. i absolutely need this. 3. petra necklace, smoky quartz, $60 4. leather mini skirt, $72 5. dolce vita hymore dress, coral, $145 6. wizard print leopard watch, $74.95 7. enzo tote cognac, $89 8. infinity scarf dance party, $26 9. golden owl ring, $77 10. polite as fuck tee, men’s gray, $22 — i love getting men shirts in smalls.

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  • Love the enzo tote, the watch, the infinity scarf and the necklace. The shirt (10) is so hilarious and ironic to me! LOL. I’m a tomboy at heart too, but I definitely have my “moments”. I’ve been in the process of changing up my personal style, which can be a challenge considering how much I loathe shopping at times. haha but piece by piece it’s coming together so…yayy us!

    Chymere Anais –> http://www.chymere-anais.blogspot.com

    • L.

      Thank you for stopping by Chymere! And yes, love the Polite as Fuck shirt purely off of its irony. Hilarious. And like you, I LOATHE shopping. I literally get shoppers anxiety when walking into stores. But thankful through the power of online shopping this wardrobe will eventually come together. Slowly, but surely. Lol