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fab friday finds | 06 | The Native New Yawker

on the first of every month, aside from paying rent i always go on astrologyzone.com and check my monthly horoscope. i don’t know what it is about susan miller but she has an amazing talent and her horoscopes are usually spot on. this month i was told that it would be a great time to focus on home decor. the mister and i went to ikea this weekend and we made a vow that no matter how much i love ikea.. we will no longer get cheap furniture. when we got our first apartment all of our furniture was from ikea. and granted, we still have much of it today — we realized the best way to pack ikea furniture when moving is to just.. leave it. once it’s put together, forget about taking it apart. we are looking to move sometime next year but as of lately i’ve just been looking at a lot of home decor to really get a taste of our two styles. i’m a rustic minimalist and he’s more vintage bohemian. one thing i always love about fab.com is their great furniture selections so this week it’s all about furniture and home decor.

1. IKIO coat rack, white, $109 2. SQR long dresser, walnut, $3,200 3. get shit done poster, $18 4. milano 2015 chair clear, set of 4, $370 5. palio table, white, $2,446 6. agra pillow, black, 12×20, $85 7. luckies chaine bottle holder, $26 — how cool is this though? 8. sky planter mini ceramic, $25 9. reverie sofa, sahara wood, $2,099 — seriously, this couch? this color. yasss.

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  • Lamuelle Burge

    Wow. I have never ever been to these sites. Thanks for sharing. And you know what? While skimming my brain is just pouring arty ideas! Thanks! I love that couch to it reminds me of milk chocolate Kit Kat (i am a recovering chocaolic) bars lol. You have a great sense of style!

    • L.

      Awww thank you! And thanks so much for stopping by! Fab.com is an awesome site. I have a lot more sites like that I’ll be sure to share! But yes, that couch! Amazing. The color is what got me also and yesss, it does look like a Kit Kat! Lol I hope you do treat yourself to some chocolate every now & then. 😉

  • So… I’m not a huge fan of astronomy… but now my curiosity is piqued. Heading over that site right when I am done here.

    I LOVE Ikea furniture… if I’m not moving and if someone else is going to put it together for me lol. You have quiet the eye for design!

    • L.

      Lol when you use an electric drill IKEA furniture is nothing to put up. But when you use an electric drill IKEA is impossible to take apart. And thank you so much! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    • L.

      IKEA furniture isn’t so bad to put together when you use an electric drill. But if you use an electric drill it’s kinda impossible to take IKEA furniture down. It’s crazy. But yea, definitely check out astrologyzone.com — it’s kinda awesome! And thank you for stopping by! Please do come back! 😉