get that app: evernote

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evernote is probably the best note-taking app out right now. it’s available for iphone, ipad, desktops + even android users can get in on this. it’s an easy-to-use app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. it allows you to take notes, capture pictures, create to-do list, clip articles from the web, record voice reminders, etc. you can find things fast since you’re able to search for things via keyword, tag or even printed + handwritten text inside images. to top it all off, the app is free. yes, you heard me. free. you have the option of signing up for a free account or premium.

with a premium account, you’re given a few more features such as your month uploads boosting to 1GB each month, or being able to collaborate on notes with other people. most will be just fine with the free version, but those interested in upgrading to premium it’s $45 per year or $5 a month.

how i use evernote:

i literally use evernote for everythang.

with evernote, you’re able to make notebooks upon notebooks upon notebooks. i have individual notebooks for both my blogs, + this one, a notebook for my For The Naturals event series, a ‘digital moleksine’ in which i’ll have random notes, ideas, sites that inspire + web clippings and of course, a recipe notebook. being both a moleskine + evernote feen, i also have the evernote moleskine in which i’ll write notes, take a picture + store them in my ‘digital moleskine’ notebook.

tags are really how i keep my notebooks organized + they also make it easier for me to find things when it’s time. anytime i have a post idea or concept i want to develop it will make a note about it + use my ‘post ideas + concepts’ tag. when i’ve actually started writing a post for either of the blogs, i’ll be sure to tag it ‘[blog name] content’ so it’s easier to find in the future.

i’m also a huge fan of the evernote web clipper. i use this mostly for clipping recipes. with the web clipper you’re given the option to clip a selection, the article or the whole page. another great thing about the app is you’re able to email notes + save tweets to your account. kinda cool, right? this is one app that i would definitely recommend to everybody.

some ways to use evernote for your personal + professional life:

+ take class +/or meeting notes. finally, you can stop lugging around notebooks.
+ plan a trip. keep track of travel plans, itineraries, plane tickets + passports.
+ create a grocery or to-do list + check off things as you go.
+ keep finances under order. save receipts, bills + contracts.
+ organize + save recipes. search by ingredients later.
+ reduce paper clutter by taking snapshots of menus, business cards + labels.

if you’re looking for more ways that you can use evernote for your everyday life, be sure to stop by the evernote blog. they share daily tips + tricks for using the app, as well as share stories of others use evernote. oh, and if you’re a foodie.. you’re definitely need to download evernote food. if you’re a student, you’ll definitely want to get evernote peek. but i’ll get more into all that next time.

so, do you use evernote?

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