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lunchtime linkage / design must change | The Native New Yawker

“Design education requires more curation and context. If the goal is to facilitate an experience that helps students define who and what they might become as designers, then we must provide vehicles that allow them to veer off traditional pathways of learning.”

The Dean of Parsons: Design Education Must Change | Arch Daily

Great article written by the Dean of Parson discussing how the design curriculum must change up to keep up everyday challenges we face in the twenty-first century.

The world has changed; the role of design has changed. And the way that designers are taught to engage with the world must change, too.

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  • True. This is not only applicable for designers. I think it is imperative that we alter the way we educate our students at the primary – secondary levels as well. We need to encourage free thought and critical thought to empower and embolden students. Good read.

    • L.

      You are so right. The whole education system in America, from elementary school to even college courses needs an update. Times are changing. What worked a decade ago.. hell, five years ago mostly likely won’t work today. There definitely needs to be more encouraging of free thoughts. Our systems need to promote discussions instead of having our children out here memorizing things for a test.

  • amandacdillon

    Very, very accurate. I think it’s also imperative to shake up the current curriculum at the primary and secondary education levels, with an increased emphasis placed on technological capabilities and the ability to leverage them effectively. What do you think?

    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Amanda | http://exvitae.com

    • L.

      Yes, yes! Both you and @rochellesodipowashington:disqus are definitely on to something. Children are getting bored with school these days, with all the technological advances we’re making there’s absolutely no reason why we should shake things up a bit.

  • This could not be more true! Although I never received formal training in design, upon interacting with those who have, there is no real-world application or business training. A lot of businesses take advantage of fresh out-of-college design graduates because they have no idea how to measure their worth or what their skillset should ultimately be used for application. I agree this can be applied to almost all of higher education right now because thousands of dollars are being spent with the guarantee of a great career at the end.