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design finds | apex studio

sometimes pinning isn’t enough. sometime i have to bring inspiration right to your readers. daily design is a daily series where i showcase some great design work and what i love about it.

apex studio identity |

apex studio is a new graphic design studio in portugal that had the initial task of creating their own identity. the concept was to develop a brand that could be promoted as a ‘visual graphic blog’, where inspirations and methodical process could be reflected in the main logo, presenting itself not as a static image, but rather as an ever changing form that doesn’t lose its true identity. as promotional material, the studio made a low cost limited series of four illustrated business cards entitled ‘first print edition’.

why i love this design?

if you couldn’t tell by now, i’m huge fan of primarily using black and white in designs. that, mixed with a kickass grid and the usage of strong thick black lines to make the negative space pop have me absolutely in love with this project. my favorite pieces from this project definitely are the invitation and the four limited series illustrated business cards. this project has me rethinking some ways to now promote this blog. maybe i’ll give it a shot of my own limited edition business cards. just maybe.

design daily | apex studio

design daily | apex studio

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