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The Blog Critique #06: Properly Utilizing Your Sidebar

the blog critique | 06 | The Native New Yawker

this week i’m all off. although i love not having to go to work on monday’s.. it really throws me off track for the rest of the week. it kinda feels like wednesday, but not really. well, today is thursdays and if you’ve been stopping by the blog you know every thursday is a blog critique! if you have any blogger friends that may be interested in getting their blog’s aesthetics critiqued then shawty, send them my way.
lifestyle blog

today we’re going to look at nneji‘s lifestyle blog, in which she’s been blogging on for a little over a year now. at this point, nneji’s main concerns when it comes to her tumblr blog is if she’s utilizing her space properly, including her sidebar space. well, nneji.. you’ve come to the right place.

the good

when i first enter on your space it makes me smile. why you ask? i’m unsure if you know this or not but you’re definitely utilizing the white space on your site. the header makes a bold impression on your page, especially the use of that lovely mustard color for naija. the navigation isn’t clutter and gives the readers a chance to reach you if needed. the first thing we see when looking over on the sidebar is a picture of you and all your social links. not to mention everything in your sidebar is all the same width making for a cleaner looking sidebar. so within a few seconds of being on your page i have a face to link the blog to, as well as several ways to get in touch with you via social networks. so kudos for all dat.

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The Blog Critique #04: The Look & Feel Of Your Blog

the blog critique | 04

took two weeks off to refuel and refresh my creative juices but now it’s thursday.. and thursdays are blog critique days. and like i always say, it’s never too late to submit your blogs for the blog critique so keep them coming. tell one of your blogger friends about it. spread the word.
family + parenting blog

amanda has been blogging about pregnancy, parenting, beauty and health on blogger since 2009. she has even dabbled with design having designed most of the elements on her family blog today. having followed a few of the blog critiques, amanda submitted her blog in hopes of finding out just how her blog looks and appeals to others. is it convenient? is all the information easily accessible? most importantly, does the blog look appealing? well amanda, you’ve come to the right place!

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The Blog Critique #03: Building A Credible Brand Within Your Niche

the blog critique | 03

wow, it’s thursday already. i feel like this week started off slow but now it’s basically almost the weekend. plus, everyone knows thursday is the new friday. as you know it’s never too late to submit your blogs for the blog critique so keep them coming. let’s jump into today’s critique.

ampersands + erasers
advertising + copywriting blog

ampersands + erasers was started by alex in november of 2012 and focuses on advertising copywriting, the ad industry and professional creatives in general. alex shares her experiences breaking into the creative professional world as well offers resources to help make one a better advertiser. when it comes to her blog two main there are two main issues: she wants to make sure her design is helping her credibility as a reputable brand within her industry, as well as make sure the design doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a copywriting blog and not a graphic design blog. well alex, let’s see if i can help.

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The Blog Critique #02: Speaking To Your Reader With Design

The Blog Critique | 02

it’s thursday! you know what that means.. another blog critique! once again i’m going to start off by thanking all of ya’ll that have been spreading the word about the blog critique series. i’m glad you guys are enjoying it as much as i am. well, let’s not delay.. let’s get right into this week’s critique.
healthy lifestyle blog

healthy living blogger, pilar, is slowly approaching her first full year of being about that blogging life having been blogging for eight months now. as she’s reaching her one year mark pilar is curious about ways she could improve her blog herself, as well as raised a few concerns. The top two concerns being her header and navigation and well.. everything else.

if you follow me on twitter you know that i’m a self-proclaimed minimalist aficionado and it seems like pilar wants for her blog to be minimal with a personal touch. yaaasss, that we can do! along with those issues, overall she really just wants to know to “speak” to her audience members in terms of design. well, pilar.. you’ve come to the right place.

the good

in art school, you’ll have critiques for almost every project you do. the point of the critique is to offer constructive criticism and feedback to help you excel as the creative you are. you must first acknowledge the good of the design before offering advice on how one can make it better. so, let’s talk about the good that’s going on with

+ less is more. when you don’t know what to do with design, doing less is probably the best thing you can actually do. i appreciate that you don’t have my eye competing for where to look first. i can clearly locate your navigation, header, sidebar and content. boom. right to the point.

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wp wed. | vs. vs.

what’s the main difference between and
how do i know which one i should use?

those are probably the top two common questions i hear when bloggers are considering moving from blogspot over to wordpress. with my party over hair blog, i started on the blogspot platform for a few months to really get the feel and hang of blogging before moving over to my own self-hosted wordpress blog. since i was already familiar with using for my clients, i didn’t get the transition any thought. i knew the capabilities that one could get from self-hosting their wordpress blogs, so i was on it.

not everyone is like me though, definitely not my clients.. and especially not a lot of new bloggers. i was constantly getting questions about what the difference between and was so i figured i would just go over some of the differences. is for the blogger who…

+ wants full theme support. this means you can use custom and commercial themes, as well as all other free themes. with full theme support you can modify and customize anything that you’d like on your site. sounds great, right? the only thing about this is it requires you to pay a yearly domain and hosting fee. i’d highly recommend bluehost which offers web hosting for as low as $4 a month.

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