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Fab Friday Finds | 02

it wasn’t until i put this collage together that i noticed it has such a neutral feel. although i love colors and patterns, my eye is always drawn to neutral tones. loving this week’s round up. i’m in need of some coasters for the apartment and these brooklyn slate coasters are everything to me right now. and if i had $900 to spare.. it would so go to that side table.

1. holla doormat, $45 2. new york magnet blackboard, $35 3. dropp! fruit bowl snow white, $44.95 4. slate coasters black set of 4, $15 5. rook lamp, $299 6. tracktop laptop sleeve 15″ gray, $19 7. SQ18 side table, $900 8. bamonte desk black, $395 9. little big wall clock black, $36 10. kina pendant 440 white, $600

Kite Mosquito Patch

now i don’t know about you guys.. but during the summer, i tend to either not get bit at all or i get bit all over. this summer it seemed to be the latter. now i’ll admit, this year it’s definitely mostly my fault as i’ve given up using bug sprays like OFF because the chemicals literally make me sick while wandering into backyards i really had no business going into ‘unprotected’. and then i’ve been meaning to try all these natural remedies i found for fighting off mosquitos, but i just haven’t gotten around to it. typical. it’s like the universe heard my cries and showed me the kite mosquito patch and i was sold. it’s a small patch that you just simply stick to your body BAM.. you’re mosquito free for up to 48 hours. seriously how amazing is that? this amazing product is part of a crowdfunding site that has raised over $160,216 with 36 days left. all i know is when this product is finally released.. i want in.

The L List | The Native New Yawker

figured i’d kick off the start of the week with another new series i’ve been wanting to do for the longest: the l list. at least once a week, i’ll share a curated list of my favorite products chosen either by color, theme, brand or just at random.. kinda like today.

1. madewell transport tote, $98 2. hand pen holder, $15 – SALE 3. square cat eye glasses, $98 4. avec moderation abstract feather flats, $106 – SALE 5. omg becky tank top, $22 6. porcelain pineapple, $55

Fab Fridays | 01

some people can browse etsy shops all day and find amazing things. i am not one of those people. from time to time, i’ll stumble upon a gem or two, but usually i just don’t have the patience. now that’s my website. love going on the site and curating my list of wants. each friday i’ll share with you some of the cool products i’ve found during the week.

1. copilcus positive piggy bank, $19 2. paint chip placement multi 4pk, $54 3. another fucking tote, $21 4. vin2go wine tumbler white 2 pack, $25 5. thyme refill, $17 6. we are happy to serve you, $13 7. coco&yves poster, $18 8. hand c’mere white, $65 9. log bowl large aqua, $195 10. venus of cupertino, $125 11. mini safari arrows, $48 12. mullan tv cabinet white, $450

BNTO canning jar | the native new yawker
BNTO canning jar | the native new yawker

i stumbled across these BNTO canning jars while on swissmiss this morning + had to share. i am already a big mason jar collector, as well as a big salad in jar practitioner, so of course i would love these BNTO canning jars from cuppow. pulling inspiration from japanese bento boxes, they created a conveniently shaped insert that separates a canning jar into two compartments so you can mix or dip like a champ. now you can build your salads + store the dressing at the time. the 6-ounce BNTO lunchbox adaptor can be used with a wide mouth mason jar (jar sold separately).