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fab friday finds | 06 | The Native New Yawker

on the first of every month, aside from paying rent i always go on and check my monthly horoscope. i don’t know what it is about susan miller but she has an amazing talent and her horoscopes are usually spot on. this month i was told that it would be a great time to focus on home decor. the mister and i went to ikea this weekend and we made a vow that no matter how much i love ikea.. we will no longer get cheap furniture. when we got our first apartment all of our furniture was from ikea. and granted, we still have much of it today — we realized the best way to pack ikea furniture when moving is to just.. leave it. once it’s put together, forget about taking it apart. we are looking to move sometime next year but as of lately i’ve just been looking at a lot of home decor to really get a taste of our two styles. i’m a rustic minimalist and he’s more vintage bohemian. one thing i always love about is their great furniture selections so this week it’s all about furniture and home decor.

1. IKIO coat rack, white, $109 2. SQR long dresser, walnut, $3,200 3. get shit done poster, $18 4. milano 2015 chair clear, set of 4, $370 5. palio table, white, $2,446 6. agra pillow, black, 12×20, $85 7. luckies chaine bottle holder, $26 — how cool is this though? 8. sky planter mini ceramic, $25 9. reverie sofa, sahara wood, $2,099 — seriously, this couch? this color. yasss.

fab friday finds | 05 | The Native New Yawker

summer is basically over. college students are already spending nights in the library. the new york schools are getting ready to open back up for the year. for me labor day weekend really brings my summer to an end. i’m already looking forward to my favorite fall shows to return. i figured this week i’d look for products on that would help me transition into the fall. although i’m looking to move sometime next year i’m still looking for cool things to throw around the house to switch up the look from the summer. fall for me is all about less nights out, and more nights in with bottles of wine and great food.

1. mandible skull candle black, $52 2. duo herb pot, $35.95 3. lemon & ginger syrup 3 pack, $35 **great for making cocktails, heyy! 4. diamond DOF clear 6 pack, $11 5. herschel supply co. novel woodland chevron, $79.99 6. bar tool set, $29 7. modernist cuisine at home cookbook, $125 8. expandable 3-tier cork shelf, $21 9. vintage bar set, $56 10. mullan cabinet white, $795

fab friday finds | 04

i officially feel old. long gone are my college days — okay, not that long gone.. but my brother and sister have left for college. one of my sisters is now a sophomore and my brother is entering his first year of culinary school. i’m in the process of looking for some cool stuff to send them to help decorate their dorm so i figured why not check this week’s finds are cool things any college kid would want in their dorms.

1. that shit cray tote, $20 2. sport ballpoint pen, $22 3. memomug set of two, $25 4. iPhone snooze alarm clock black, $34.99 5. DIY shop kit, $249.99 6. scoops doorstop, $15 7. lego storage brick, $36 8. loud & clear magnets 2 pack, $14 9. corkboard map, $44.95 10. chalkboard calendar decal, $25 11. define bottle sport, $27 12. rewind desk tidy, $22 13. mobile calculator, $22.

fixa bike shelf

fixa bike shelf | $286.66 USD

there are a lot of new yorkers who depend on bikes as their main source for transportation around the city. and if you’re lucky, you may even have an apartment big enough to fit your bike. and if you’re really lucky, you may even have space to fit a shelf that doubles as a bike rack. the latvian design firm, chrome ltd., designed the fixa–latin for ‘fixed’–shelf, a multifunctional bike shelf engineered to provide a clever bike and accessories storage. the shelf has storage space with cover panel and pre-drilled holes on the back for wall mounting. i think this is a wonderful organization solution for city bikers who have the space.

is this something you’d get?

fab friday finds | 03 | The Native New Yawker

it’s friday, it’s friday! august is finally here which means summer is slowly coming to an end. this summer this mister and i didn’t spend as much time eating out as we usually do. instead, we’ve been turning on the oven every night (yes, even during that awful heatwave we had) and trying new recipes. at the current time my favorite recipe to date is the mister’s swedish meatballs. oh my gawd. one of these days i’ll share it with you all. so i figured this week i’d share my favorite fab finds for the kitchen. fall is on it’s way, time to stock up on new things for around the kitchen.

1. magnum 6 knife set black, $86 2. glass canister 8 piece set, $29 3. sandwich sponge 2-pack, $15.99 4. bark cheese board small, $17 5. zombie head decanter, $16.50 6. mug white, $16 7. obsessive chef cutting board, $22 8. knuckle duster mug black, $12 9. WUD martini glass white, $49 10. baggy winecoat black, $44