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fab friday finds | 10 | The Native New Yawker

November is finally here! This is hands down one of my favorite months being that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Well, in the sense that you get to gather with friends and family and eat, eat, eat and eat! I’m always down for any type of celebration that involves food. Always. Now it’s about that time where I tell you to hide your wallets because I found a lot of awesome things this week on By the way, have you seen their new website? I’m a fan. It’s cleaner and way easier to navigate around. This week I wasn’t looking for anything in particular.. I just happened to stumble around some cool things I needed wanted for myself and around the house.

1. Hand Bestow, White, $65 – I love all these hand statues, I’m trying to have them all laying around the house. 2. iPhone 5/5S Case Bo, $27 3. Stacked Totem Cups, $81.25 4. (DesignTrek | South Africa) Afro Clock, $59 5. (DesignTrek | South Africa) Bamboo Cutting Board, $49.90 – If you haven’t learned by now, I have a ‘thing’ for cutting & cheese boards. I can’t help it. 6. Marlowe Lunch Bag, Spice, $44 – A suede lunch bag? How chic! 7. Golden Skull Money Bank, $20 8. (DesignTrek | South Africa) The Phrenology Vase, $75 9. Knucklecase iPhone 5/5S, Gold, $98 – Mama said knock you out, in style. 10. Hershel Supply Co. Cypress iPad Sleeve Woodland, $34.99 – I have a Hershel case for my Macbook Pro & love it. It’s only right I treat my iPad with the same respect. 11. Snow Pillow, Medium, $49

fab friday finds | 09 | The Native New Yawker

hide your wallets! it’s friday! now that fall is officially upon us i’m honestly looking forward to the colder days ahead. i love spending time in my apartment w. the mister and the dog trying new cocktails and recipes while watching some great fall shows (like scandal or the walking day — october, get here already!). so, this week i picked a few of things that i think would make a great addition to the apartment.

1. ahoy floor lamp, $259 2. tom dixon scented candle, orientalist, $80 — i need to know what an $80 candle smells like 3. vodka bottle garden IV, $48 — chic ways to repurpose those liquor bottles 4. espania bottle, $12 5. pik vase black, $76 6. raw natural skull, $129 7. grass rider mat, 3’10×5’6, $175 — absolutely in love with this pattern 8. ridley coffee table, $399


iSketchnote | The Native New Yawker

iSketchnote | $149 USD

iSketchnote is a brilliant ipad cover that integrates a new digitizing technology with the convenience of a notebook. simply put, iSketchnote transfers your notes and sketches instantly. the developers invented a way to combine the real experience of pen and paper with digital technology. the app lets you digitize your sketches and notes as your write or draw them. you can even set it up to recognize the colors and thickness of certain pens.

the pens are fashioned after regular old pens but don’t require batteries or any type of electrical charge. the case contains a sensor matrix that recognizes and tracks the pen in real time. each pen has a permanent magnet ring that communicates with this matrix. as the moment the pens only come in a black ballpoint and an orange and black felt.

the item is still on kickstarter and if you pledge $149 before october 10th then the iSketchnote could be yours come may 2014. if you choose to wait until the product has launched be prepared to dish out around $190.

fab friday finds | 08 | The Native New Yawker

sunday marks the first official day of fall. as of lately, i’ve been really trying to revamp my whole wardrobe. i’m 25 now and i don’t know.. something about this age makes me finally want to start working on my personal style. i’m a tomboy all day but there are some days when i want to dress up and be more of a girly girl. i’m using this year to start evolving my whole fashion style. aside from bags, i’ve never really browsed any clothing that’s on i figure if i’m always seeing cool furniture and products i love, why not look for some cool things i could rock for the fall.

1. julep working women set, $25 2. corner store thank you shopper, $179 — i think this is too cute. i absolutely need this. 3. petra necklace, smoky quartz, $60 4. leather mini skirt, $72 5. dolce vita hymore dress, coral, $145 6. wizard print leopard watch, $74.95 7. enzo tote cognac, $89 8. infinity scarf dance party, $26 9. golden owl ring, $77 10. polite as fuck tee, men’s gray, $22 — i love getting men shirts in smalls.

fab friday finds | 07 | The Native New Yawker

this week i was unprepared and basically all over the place. landed a new freelance client, working on a few new projects getting ready to launch — everything has just been hectic. last time i checked it was monday and then i blinked.. it’s friday. i started the week off w. a bang — seriously, did you see cameron diaz’s west village apartment, so i figured i could at least end the week with somewhat of a bang. this week there’s no real theme for my finds — i just picked what i really wanted to buy this week since today is pay day. heyyy!

1. amal coffee table, walnut, $799 2. cheese dome, $42 — for my new appreciation for gourmet cheeses 3. hand cell phone holder, $18.50 4. french paddle board, 12″ walnut, $84 5. concrete spice tube set, white, $45 6. man cave sign, $72 — definitely for the mister 7. cell tealight holder, brass, $60 8. salsa + guacamole bowl set, $23 — right in time for football season 9. alberta table lamp, walnut, $399 10. brooklyn sign, $72 11. 9 point shoulder mount taxi art, $1343