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The Blog Action Planner: Keeping Your Blog Organized In 2014

2014 Blog Action Planner | The Native New Yawker

Three months into 2014 and I never got a chance to thank everyone who has supported The 2014 Blog Action Planner thus far. So far the planner has worked its way into the hands of 140+ bloggers and our Google+ Community, Blogging Better, is growing with 60+ members. Although I haven’t gotten to blog as much as I wanted to so far this year, I’m glad to know that this planner is helping bloggers of all experience levels get more organized and have a better focus on their blogging goals.

Bloggers are genuinely enjoying the blog planner, here’s what a few of them have to say:

I love how much this has helped me with organizing all of my ideas for posts, my additional website ideas, and helping me expand and grow my site with the helpful links and plugins mentioned each month. Also, the Google+ community is amazing and a fantastic idea to accompany a fantastic book. I highly recommend it for new, intermediate, and even advanced bloggers!
Jade Ivory

I was shocked when Laura said it’d be 270 pages with resources and for $12! As a person who loves to plan, and strategize I was excited for this planner after she dropped the mini content planner back in Nov I believe. I love the aesthetic, I too had Laura’s problem with googling and searching pinterest for 1) viable content planners that made sense and 2) weren’t neon bright, flowery or princess-ey. My last editorial calendar was made by me in Excel and was bare bones. It was more a schedule than a planner. The Blog Action planner is perfect. This planner is so good b/c this year I know I won’t be blogging seriously as much as I did last year due to a career change but just reading January’s tasks it’s still very useful to me and I can definitely apply it to my more casual blogs.
Alex B.

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Fab Friday Finds #13 | The Native New Yawker

It’s been a while since I’ve done this series mostly because I wasn’t feeling the stuff that was going up on for the last few months. With Spring around the corner, I’m finally getting serious about the apartment renovations and of course doing a much needed Spring cleaning. This Spring, I’m looking to de-clutter and organize every aspect of my life, especially the apartment. Not to mention start honing down on the ‘look’ of the apartment, but cleaning comes first. This week I was finally impressed with some of the organizational products had to offer, I figured I’d share a few of my favorite finds this week. Do you redecorate your place for the Spring time?

1. Kalyana Jewelry Holder, $67 – I don’t even own that much jewelry, but I thought this holder was too cute. 2. Classic Chinatown Station, $199 – Because it’s in black & white.. and I’m a New Yorker. Duh. 3. French Bulldog Coin Bank, $46 4. Morelos Sideboard, $899 – If you haven’t figured it out by now I really have a thing for wood credenzas. 5. Skyline Bookends, 2Pk, White, $40 6. Ghanzi Handwoven Rug, Multri, 9×12, $999 – Really like the print & color of this rug. 7. Agnes Vase, 12cm, $33 8. Glasscape, Large, $140 – Been looking for the perfect vase to start my succulent garden in. This looks like it.

Period Panties | The Native New Yawker

Every now & then I’ll come across a Kickstarter project that I think is awesome & would love to back. Usually, I don’t. Mostly because I forget. There’s never really been a project that has made me say “That’s it. Where’s my wallet?”.. Well, not until my boyfriend showed me Period Panties. Period Panties was developed by a man (of course) as a way to not only know when it was that time of month for his girlfriend, but also as a way for ladies to feel a little bit better about themselves when Aunt Dot comes to visit. With Period Panties, you no longer have to dread wearing those ‘granny panties’ you keep hidden in the back of the drawers. What really caught my attention aside from the bright, colorful illustrations were the actual names given to the underwear, including: Bleeder of the Pack, Cunt Dracula, and Sour Puss. Hilarious. So I finally donated $100 to this project for all 10 pair… because they’re just too awesome to not have. The project has already surpassed its goal of $10K, raising almost $317K. There are still 8 left days to donate.

Is this something you’d back?

fab friday finds | 12 | The Native New Yawker

Last weekend, renovations on the apartment were supposed to begin. Nothing too crazy, just moving furniture around, throwing things out and preparing for flooring and white paint. But nothing happened. The Mister & I were swamped with work all weekend that seeped over into this week. Things have kinda slowed down this week.. enough for us to get some cleaning done to move things forward. We’ve.. well, I’ve been starting to put a mood board for each of the rooms. At this point all we’re certain of is the kitchen will be black, white, w. wood and plants all over. That’s it. So this week I headed over to to get some inspiration for things around the house. I’m a bohemian minimalist while the Mister is a what I’d call a vintage industrialist. Here are a few finds this week that complement both of our styles.

1. Karpas Killim Pouf, Multi, $229 2. Recycle Bin, Black, $69 3. Tom Dixon Form Bowl Set, Large, $130 – “You spent $130 for some goal bowls you can’t even eat out of?” 4. Pineapple Bowl, $24 – I tend to eat a lot of pineapples so obviously, I’d enjoy eating them even more in a bowl shaped like pineapples. 5. Star Chair Wenge, $1246 – Honestly, I’m in love with the wood work. Gorgeous. For $1246 for one chair, it better be comfortable AF. 6. Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup, $28.95 – You had me at bourbon.. wait, no. Maple Syrup. Either way need this in the apartment immediately. 7. Whiskey Tasting Game, $50 – I love alcoholic tastings and I love drinking games, so.. yes to this. Perfect for entertaining with friends. 8. Rabbit Lamp, $531 – I love all black lamps w. unconventional bases like oh, I don’t know a rabbit. 9. Birch Mural, 8’4 x 12’1, $89 – Can we say birch accent wall in the home office? Uh, yes. 10. Table Grill, $279 – Uh, can we say too cute? 11. Up Three Seater, Deep Blue, $3800 – We’re on the quest for the perfect couch. It’s either going to be leather or it’s going to be velvet.

fab friday finds #11: entertaining for the holidays

After longgggggg debate, by long I’m meaning months.. the boyfriend & I finally agreed to stay in Queens, NY for a while. That means, we’re going to get our hands a little dirty & start some DIY renovations in our two bedroom apartment. With Thanksgiving practically around the corner, the kitchen and living/dining room area is the top priority since we’re trying to host a little Thanksgiving dinner amongst friends. We got a lot of junk to clear out, a lot of painting to do and some new flooring that needs to be laid down. Don’t worry, I’ll share that progress here. For now, my mind is already looking for things for the kitchen and dining area to help with entertaining our guest. So you already know I headed to one of my favorite shopping sites So yea, here comes the part where you’ll want to hide your wallets.. or not.

1. The Original Cuppow Lid, 2Pk, $9 – Because I drink everything out of a mason jar. Now I can take my drinks on the go. 2. Lance Polished, 20 Piece Set, $27 – I’m a fan of this flatware. Perfect for everyday use. 3. Rounded Entertainment Set, $15 4. Round Entertainment Set, 4 Piece, $17 5. Kastehelmi Plate, Med, Clear, $48 6. Vintage Napkins, Pink, Set of 2, $30 7. Mira, White, $17 – Can we say flower arrangement made easy?! 8. Boombox Mugs, Set of 2, $18 – For the Mister & I, for our morning tea & jams. 9. Beer Flight Set, $21 – Perfect for a brew sampling party with friends. 10. MU 5 Piece Flatware Set, $87.50 – I like the contours of this flatware, especially on the spoons. 11. Oval Platter, Extra Large, $16