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any new yorker will tell you the moment we hear “excuse me ladies & gentleman..” you’ll more than likely get tuned out immediately. it’s not that we’re insensitive to other people’s hardships, it’s just that at this point.. we’ve heard almost everything under the sun. i absolutely had to share this collegehumor video. although it doesn’t take place in new york city (our subway carts look nothing like the ones in the video) it was still quite an awesome panhandler prank.

monday lunchtime linkage | 02

Lunchtime Linkage

last monday, i bailed on the lunchtime linkage. not today. this past weekend was a blur. george zimmerman was acquitted of murder, cory monteith from ‘glee’ died + i spent all of my sunday hungover while still managing to make a grand sunday night dinner. but now it’s monday, it’s pay day.. new week, new start. if you’re in new yawk city this week, be aware it’s going to be hazy, hot + humid.

“there’s no mood, no verve, no vision to this music. it’s the sound of champagne being sprayed around an empty locker room.”

with jay-z magna carta holy grail dropping officially last week, a lot of reviews have come back + most people are not impressed. do you agree?

but while we’re on the subject of jay-z, illustrator ali graham is now on a quest to illustrate all 99 problems, one problem per day.


in case you didn’t hear the news.. instagram just introduced web embedding for their content now allowing you to add your instagram photos or videos to your blog post.

when you think about prince you’d never imagine that he has about 5 pounds’ worth of dunk-a-roos in his fridge, right? oh, but he does. prince was nice enough to let an illustrator show us what’s in his fridge.

soon new york city businesses, organizations + residents will be able to register a .nyc domain name for their sites. rest of the world, are you jealous?

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