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inspiration | elle uk october 2013

inspiration | elle uk october 2013

Let me just say.. the Elle UK October magazine is filled with editorial design inspiration.

Normally I’m not one for fashion magazines, but the A5 size & type placement on the cover drew me in. After flipping through a few pages and finding some beautifully designed layouts I had to purchase. I’ve been carrying it around with me ever since. What I’m loving most about the layouts is the use of grids and the hierarchy created through the use of different fonts and weights, as well as color and orientation. The way the type was treated through the whole magazine just makes me so happy. I’m inspired to apply some of these designs to more blog content in the future. Love how information is beautifully presented. Elle UK, you’re now one of my favorite magazines. Congrats, you should be proud. (Ignore, the red box around links. We have Acrobat to thank for that.)

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the blog critique | 08 | The Native New Yawker

The Blog Critique #08: Designing A Brand For Your Audience

It’s Thursday and The Blog Critique is back.

Never mind the brief two week hiatus. You all have lives.. you know how things can get.

Our last design critique I had critiqued Heather and her lifestyle blog She loved the critique so much, I even helped her touch up her blog with some simple graphics. If you haven’t already, go check it out. Now, let’s get into today’s critique.
Motivational Women’s Lifestyle Blog

Shanti originally set out to create a platform to inspire and motivate women of color back in March of 2013. She started blogging through Facebook and Blogger on and off for about two years before migrating over to WordPress. The main concern Shanti has regarding her blog is ensuring that she’s creating a brand that attracts the intended audience. She’s had trouble in the past with graphic designers which resulted in her having to design everything herself for her blog. Now Shanti questions if it’s the design or the content that’s holding her back from receiving the traffic she’d like. Well Shanti, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Blog Critique #07: Expanding Beyond

the blog critique | 07 | The Native New Yawker

it’s been two weeks since i’ve done a blog critique and i apologize.

i have to constantly remind myself — designer first, blogger second. had a lot of design work within these past two weeks so by the time i would come home and finish some freelance work, i wasn’t trying to blog about anything. work is still hectic, but i’m trying to pace myself a bit more realistically when it comes to getting shit done. while i was taking a two week break from blog critiques more ladies submitted their blogs — so yay, got more critiques coming your way. once again, if you know any bloggers that would be interested in finding out ways to pump up their blog design. send them my way. i’ll be running critiques for the remainder of the fall. let’s get into today’s critique.
lifestyle blog

heather is a newbie blogger currently trying to find her way around this blogosphere. she started back in december of 2012 as a platform to document her natural hair and fitness/weightloss journey. nowadays, she covers everything from natural hair to to fitness to fashion turning her blog into a lifestyle blog. heather feels she’s in serious need of help with her blog since she’s using as a platform instead of the self-hosted so her flexibility is quite limited when it comes to what she can and can’t do for her blog. since will be her home for the next few months she’d love to here some advice on how she could spruce up her blog. well, heather.. as always, you’ve come to the right spot.

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wp wed: simple mag theme

wp wed | simple mag theme

so back again with wordpress wednesday. once again i figured i’d use this day each week to cover something within the whole wordpress spectrum–whether it’s going over plugins or showcasing wonderful themes. today, i’m featuring a wonderful magazine theme for any bloggers out there looking to turn the look of their blog into more of a magazine.

SimpleMag theme

view live demo | purchase – $45

SimpleMag is a responsive, retina-ready, minimalistic magazine theme for wordpress that looks good on any device, from big desktop monitors to small smartphone screens. this theme comes with a very easy to use and intuitive page composer which allows you to add, rearrange the order and change the settings of sections — allowing every page to look different if you so please. the theme also includes off-canvas navigation and sidebar for mobile devices, a configurable dropdown mega menu, full width image carousel that supports variable slide widths for gallery post format, a unique wordpress gallery layout, different category layouts and a self configurable footer. sites like blasted inspiration and MCU style are perfect examples of how brands made the themes their own.

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