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Inspiration | Vogue India November 2013

I’m the type of person that buys magazines solely for the aesthetics. If it’s designed well enough, I’ll read whatever is inside. That’s how I’ve come to love magazines such as Wired, GQ and Inc. to name a few. Personally, I loathe most fashion magazines–with the exception of Elle UK.

What I loathe more than fashion magazines are Vogue magazines simply for the fact that they are filled with way too many ads, horrible layouts and copy so small my 25-year old eyes even have problems reading. So, I don’t buy them. At least not the US Vogue. Last month, while picking up some magazines for the month I stumbled across a fashion spread within Vogue India that simply took my breath away. Signe Vilstrup captured an amazing Indian wedding & I just had to share. Loving everything about this spread from the vibrant colors, to the elegant patterns, but most importantly.. the make-up. My freakin’ goodness.

Working on a few campaigns for my Party Over Hair blog for 2014, let’s just say Signe Vilstrup has inspired me in so many ways this month.

inspiration | signe vilstrup for vogue india november 2013
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Free Blog Content Printable Planner

Free Blog Content Printable Planner | The Native New Yawker

Happy Monday, everyone!

I’m extra excited this week as it’s only a three-day work week before my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving! Love gathering with good people over good food sharing good laughs & convos. I wasn’t successful at preparing the house in time to host the dinner this year, but I have been successful at making my life a bit more organized for the New Year approaching.

I have a lot of projects going on and need to be as organized as possible, especially running two blogs. I’m working on a 2014 Blog Planner to keep me a little more on track with my content and I will plan to share that for digital download with you all in the next few weeks. In celebration of a three-day weekend I figured I’d share a free printable blog content planner that you can use to help you with organizing your content. Print as many as you’ll need, get you a binder and you got yourself your own personal Blog Content Planner.

Please note: Some printers, will print black borders on the edges as in PDF — others will print as a black border like shown in above.

Blog Content Planner Download | The Native New Yawker

UPDATE: The 2016 Blog Action Planner is now available for purchase in either digital or hard copy. Order your copy of the 2016 Blog Action Planner today.

the blog critique | 10 | The Native New Yawker

The Blog Critique #10: Developing Your Personal Brand

Last week I totally lost track of time and by the time Thursday came around I was all like.. “It’s Thursday?! It’s Thursday.. Shit.” But this week I was on it.

It’s still quite awesome that you all are still submitting your blogs for the critique. I promise, no blog will go without a critique, it’s just going to take some time to get to everyone. I thought I would probably end this series by the Fall, but since starting this series I’ve gotten so much supportive feedback so long lives The Blog Critique! If you haven’t submitted your blog for a critique, you can do so now on the Contact page — simply fill out the form & hit send! So, let’s get into this week’s Blog Critique.
Lifestyle Blog

After wanting a blog for the longest, Tara finally took the leap and started her blog over a year ago. The excitement of just having a blog made her overlook important factors like who was her audience or what exactly was her blog about. She started blogging about what was popular at the time, whether it was about natural hair or personal style, but that wasn’t exactly her area of expertise. The more she blogged, the more she started listening to her audience and realized it was actually her inspirational or observation about life post that they enjoyed the most. Now, a year in, she’s found her niche. She’s looking to aim her blog towards a more inspirational lifestyle blog. She submitted her blog to the critique in hopes of getting some good advice on really creating her brand through design and content. As I always say, Tara, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve all been in your situation before, so hopefully I can help.

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the blog critique | The Native New Yawker

The Blog Critique #09: Improving Your Blog’s Design For Longer Page Visits

Happy Halloween! It’s Thursdayyyyyy, ya’ll. This week I’ve been all off with posting. Between having a wisdom tooth removed and battling a cold, I’ve just been out of it for the past week or so. However, this week I was determined not to miss a Blog Critique. So let’s jump right into it!
Teen Jazz Musician Blog

Saxophonist (you gooo, girl!) Shannon’s blog is a community for up and coming jazz musicians. Her blog features everything from music and career advice to equipment reviews to interviews with other jazz artist. Even though she has some older readers, her current demographic is high school students. Shannon submitted her blog for a critique because she wanted to get some tips to help improve the flow of the site’s design to invite readers to not only stay longer but to engage as well. She’s also unsure of her blog’s current design. Which demographic should she gear it towards? Her younger audience or older? Well, Shannon.. you’ve come to the right place.

The Good

When first landing on your page, there’s quite a lot of information to take in but being that there’s ample amount of white space, it’s not too bad. Your slider features pivotal information that can get users started with your blog, including your awesome video explaining what your site has to offer. You have all your important links from About to Contribute to Contact all above the fold and your navigation is broken down nicely, making it easy to find exactly what I’m looking for whether it be an interview or a podcast. Since the goal of your blog is to build a community of musicians, you have clear copy and great call to actions making it easy for users to engage one way or another. So for all those things, kudos.

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What ASOS Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing

What ASOS Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing | The Native New Yawker

Aside from identity design and branding, I’ve started really getting into content marketing and brand strategies, especially on the digital platform. I like studying successful brands and really breaking down their social media strategies and campaigns. By doing this I’m able to better see how I can not only market my businesses, but my clients as well. From time to time I will be doing case studies on some of my favorite successful brands in which I’ll break down some of their brand marketing strategies. What may work for one industry, may not work for the other so I will try to do case studies on a wide variety of brands.

Case Study: ASOS

Today, we’re going to look at one of the most popular UK retail brands, ASOS. ASOS launched as an online retailer in 2000 by entrepreneur duo Nick Robertson & Quentin Griffths. Originally known as ‘As Seen on Screen’, ASOS has grown to become one of the most powerful online fashion & beauty retailers in the world. With over 50,000 products both design and own label, it’s no wonder ASOS is the number one most visited fashion website in the world with some 3.7 million active customers shopping online from 160 countries.

One of the ingredients behind the success of the brand is their powerful use of social media for digital marketing. Social media is at the heart of ASOS, so content is based around their customers’ wants and needs. All their social channels have a clear direction and personality that is consistent across the board. Your message needs to be aimed at your target audience but still reflect your brand image. ASOS, get’s this. Let’s examine the ways ASOS uses social media to their advantage. If you own some form of a stop, you may want to take notes.

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