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the best of #ABCREPORTS

today, abc thought it would be a good idea to give america a scientific explanation on twerking. after reading it i was all like..


..seriously, abc? ya’ll deadass? well, it didn’t take long for #blacktwitter to start the #ABCReports hashtag in which they sarcastically offered new topics for abc to cover since they’re so interested in twerking and the science behind it. needless to say, this hashtag was hilarious and totally called for an impromptu post shouting out some of my personal favorites from today.

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a few blog updates

blog updates

i’m back! two weeks seem to have flown by but the break was much needed. i turned 25 (heyyyy!) during the break and just had a wonderful time spending time hanging with family and friends. it was pretty awesome to come home and just lounge on the couch instead of worrying about if all my post are ready for the morning. that lasted for about three days before i made a list of little things to tackle around and for the blog. there’s still a few things i have left to do.. like finish my about and contact pages, but i was able to get some little things done here and there.

a few changes around the blog

+ i went ahead and started a facebook page for the blog. i wanted to reach the people that don’t really use twitter as much so you won’t miss out on all the awesome links & finds i share throughout the day. the facebook page will be updated daily with the blog post, the latest news going on in new york, and any good design or products i come across during the day. if you like following pages on facebook, the native new yawker is definitely on more to add to your list.

+ i fixed up the subscription list. you can now sign up to get a daily digest of post sent straight to your email. since i’ll be updating the blog multiple times per day, the email goes out around 6pm est w. all the post on the blog for the day.

+ i’ve figured out an editorial calendar.. somewhat. taking time off let me reflect on how to better manage my time while still keeping my blog updated. this blog will be updated daily at least twice a day. since this is a design lifestyle blog most post will feature good design, whether it’s graphic design or interior design, as well as design tips for bloggers, other designers and small business owners. you can expect new post at any of the following times: 8am, 10am, 12pm and 2pm.

i’m excited about the direction this blog is heading. i tend to use it as a place to showcase my design work as well as catalog amazing finds from the internet that hopefully inspire some of you like it inspires me.

taking two weeks.


lately, i’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed with my workload.

between working full time and attempting to manage two blogs and still taking freelance clients, i’ve literally burned myself out. with my twenty-fifth birthday approaching (8/12), i’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and just trying to get things in my life together a little bit more. so i’ve decided to give myself a two-week vacation away from blogging. i’m just allowing my creative juices to rest and refuel. i’m giving myself these two weeks to just enjoy my birthday, my friends, my family and maybe work on a few personal projects that i’ve pushed back for months now. hell, i may even change a few things around here. maybe.

i’ll be back with fresh new content on tuesday august 20th. i will still be somewhat active on pinterest and maybe twitter.. so if you’re not following me, do so! see you all in two weeks!

*photo taken by me in livingston manor, ny.

the thirty by 30 list

Thirty By 30

i turn 25 on august 12th.

i’ve been using this month to really reflect on where i’m currently at now in life, but most importantly where i’m trying to be. i first saw a thirty by 30 list on krystal of the fiesty house’s blog + then, one of my good blog friends elle started writing hers. their list both inspired me so i figured, i’m turning 25 soon.. why not set up some goals to accomplish by the time i hit 30. being a big sucker for lists, it wasn’t hard for me to come up with thirty things i wish to have done within the next five years.

thirty by 30 list

1. pay off all student loans + be completely debt free.
2. take two to three months off to backpack across the world.
3. buy a ‘fix-me-up’ house, lake house or cabin somewhere out the city + renovate it. preferably the catskill region.
4. learn another language by way of rosetta stone. starting with german.
5. buy my first two pairs of christian louboutins +/or louis vuitton bag. i want to be able to actually afford this lifestyle.
6. make at least six figure income, if not on my way to seven.
7. gracefully quit my job + never work for anyone else but myself again. with the exception of freelancing from time to time.
8. get more tattoos. more specifically my back + right arm done.
9. get another dog. this time a boy.
10. train + compete for some type of athletic competition, whether its american ninja, crossfit competitions or even just a triathlon.
11. teach a design based workshop around the world. starting with amurrica.
12. learn how to shoot a gun.
13. learn a mixed martial arts. preferably muy thai +/or krav maga.
14. throw a lavish dinner party for friends.
15. be a guest speaker at a blog +/or design conference.

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another blog? why, yes.

The Native New Yawker

let’s see.. where do i start?

with an introduction i suppose.

im laura, but most of the world, with the exception of my coworkers + those i went to high school with, call me l. preferred to be referred to as just an initial since most people horribly pronounce my government name. but for now, you can call me l.. or el.. or elle, as ive spelled it all kind of ways in the past, or just plain ol’ laura. one day we’ll get into my government name, but for now.. lets keep it moving.

some things about me.

well aside from the obvious that im an awesome new yorker, i also work full time as an interactive designer at an cool agency in chelsea. im fluently sarcastic, a minimalist lover + live my life by way of list. my boyfriend of almost 8 years + i live together with our 3 yr old pomeranian, ari in queens. i am a self-proclaimed buffalo wing connoisseur, appreciate great type + actually own a car (if you live in queens, you need one). you will almost never catch me without my ray bans + a denim button up of some sort. i have a full left sleeve which really doesn’t make appearances until the summer.

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