The Blog Action Planner: Keeping Your Blog Organized In 2014

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2014 Blog Action Planner | The Native New Yawker

Three months into 2014 and I never got a chance to thank everyone who has supported The 2014 Blog Action Planner thus far. So far the planner has worked its way into the hands of 140+ bloggers and our Google+ Community, Blogging Better, is growing with 60+ members. Although I haven’t gotten to blog as much as I wanted to so far this year, I’m glad to know that this planner is helping bloggers of all experience levels get more organized and have a better focus on their blogging goals.

Bloggers are genuinely enjoying the blog planner, here’s what a few of them have to say:

I love how much this has helped me with organizing all of my ideas for posts, my additional website ideas, and helping me expand and grow my site with the helpful links and plugins mentioned each month. Also, the Google+ community is amazing and a fantastic idea to accompany a fantastic book. I highly recommend it for new, intermediate, and even advanced bloggers!
Jade Ivory

I was shocked when Laura said it’d be 270 pages with resources and for $12! As a person who loves to plan, and strategize I was excited for this planner after she dropped the mini content planner back in Nov I believe. I love the aesthetic, I too had Laura’s problem with googling and searching pinterest for 1) viable content planners that made sense and 2) weren’t neon bright, flowery or princess-ey. My last editorial calendar was made by me in Excel and was bare bones. It was more a schedule than a planner. The Blog Action planner is perfect. This planner is so good b/c this year I know I won’t be blogging seriously as much as I did last year due to a career change but just reading January’s tasks it’s still very useful to me and I can definitely apply it to my more casual blogs.
Alex B.

As a long time blogger, I started a new venture with a friend to start a blog that covers the intersection of two different topics. The thing is, when you’re transitioning from Music Blogging to something that is more detail oriented, and has more thought behind it because you’re reviewing products, or things you need to take more time actually working on content. I got this Action Planner this morning, and have already started using it for upcoming content. Can we just say AMAZING! This will also help me be accountable and realistic with my expectations for my blog. Thanks so much for creating this!

The 2014 Blog Action Planner is thorough and easy to understand. It’s beautifully designed and extremely helpful to bloggers in all stages of their blogging careers.
Angel Y.

Could not be happier with my purchase!!! I sent this file to the printer and received by planner today and really dug into all of the pages and am blown away by all of the tips and resources. I spent weeks searching for a blogging planner that fit all of my needs and I finally found it!! Please make another file for 2015!

If you haven’t purchased the planner yet, I’m not saying.. but I’m just saying.. you probably want to. I’m already working on the 2015 edition which should be even more awesome as I’ve been listening to feedback and everyone would love an app. So.. maybe. Just maybe.

In the meantime…

save $2 off this planner by using promo code NATIVE02 at the checkout.

Get this 270-page planner packed with tips, strategies and resources for only $10!

If you’ve purchased the planner already, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Please leave your feedback on Etsy.

*photo via @veggie_love

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