What ASOS Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing

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What ASOS Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing | The Native New Yawker

Aside from identity design and branding, I’ve started really getting into content marketing and brand strategies, especially on the digital platform. I like studying successful brands and really breaking down their social media strategies and campaigns. By doing this I’m able to better see how I can not only market my businesses, but my clients as well. From time to time I will be doing case studies on some of my favorite successful brands in which I’ll break down some of their brand marketing strategies. What may work for one industry, may not work for the other so I will try to do case studies on a wide variety of brands.

Case Study: ASOS

Today, we’re going to look at one of the most popular UK retail brands, ASOS. ASOS launched as an online retailer in 2000 by entrepreneur duo Nick Robertson & Quentin Griffths. Originally known as ‘As Seen on Screen’, ASOS has grown to become one of the most powerful online fashion & beauty retailers in the world. With over 50,000 products both design and own label, it’s no wonder ASOS is the number one most visited fashion website in the world with some 3.7 million active customers shopping online from 160 countries.

One of the ingredients behind the success of the brand is their powerful use of social media for digital marketing. Social media is at the heart of ASOS, so content is based around their customers’ wants and needs. All their social channels have a clear direction and personality that is consistent across the board. Your message needs to be aimed at your target audience but still reflect your brand image. ASOS, get’s this. Let’s examine the ways ASOS uses social media to their advantage. If you own some form of a stop, you may want to take notes.

Facebook (2.7m+ Likes)

+ Post 2-3 visual updates per day, including weekends. Posts are used to promote new products or sale items and tend to get a few hundred likes and a handful of comments. They will also include fashion and beauty news as it is of interest to their target audience, however they keep their tone upbeat to fit with ASOS’ personality. As of lately they’ve started using photo albums more, curating albums with their products or ‘brand worthy’ content.

+ Posts that include a question tend to receive the most responses. One of their ‘fill in the blank’ post can generate up to 100+ responses at a time.
What ASOS Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing | The Native New Yawker

+ The ASOS team does an excellent job at responding to user comments. They try to interact with any and every customer with questions, comments or concerns as part of their business objective to hit 24/7 engagement.

Twitter (568K+ Followers)

+ Separate Twitter account for fashion updates and customer service inquiries. This is a strategy used by quite a few brands so that marketing messages and consumer engagement are mixed in with responses to angry customers.

+ Two separate feeds for men’s and women’s fashion. The women’s account obviously has more follows with around 568K+ compared to the men’s 39K+.

+ Main Twitter account is hugely active, responding to hundreds of @mentions a day. This is a wonderful way to further build relationships with customers and further improve brand loyalty.

+ Launched a new campaign: #TodayIs celebrating each day with an exciting #todayis competition which runs until December 18th. Everyone has only one day to enter the special #TodayIs competition before a new one is revealed the next day.

Instagram (1m+ Followers)

+ Two separate accounts for main site and the ASOS studio.

+ Post two to three times a day with sale bargains, fashion inspiration and trend updates to main @asos account. Uses @asos_studio to show customers what’s happening behind the scenes at the ASOS studio.

+ For their @asos_studio account, they will put product codes with their images so that customers can easily locate the desired items online and purchase. Smart, smart.. smart.

Vine (17,622 Followers)

+ Launched a campaign using the hashtag #ASOSUnbox offering prizes to customers who post clips of themselves unpacking an order using the hashtag.

Pinterest (45,473K+ Followers)

What ASOS Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing | The Native New Yawker

+ Created to Pinterest accounts: ASOS Marketplace, where you can buy and sell new, pre-owned & vintage fashion and the main ASOS site.

+ All of their boards include the ASOS brand name and although they do a great job of posting content that links to other blogs and articles, a majority of the pins link directly back to the ASOS site.

Google+ (2.2m+ Followers)

+ Posts one to two updates every day and uses unique content rather than repurposing Facebook updates. They tend to use a lot of simple gif animation to make their post more engaging. As a result there is a decent amount of user activity on its page.

So what’s ASOS Next Social Media Marketing Move?

ASOS is launching a new site, AccessAllAsos, that gives fan of the online retailer behind-the-scene access, as well as the opportunity to enter competitions and attend exclusive events. The site is aimed at letting people with a passion for ASOS to ‘get closer’ to the retailer, rewarding them for being advocates with freebies and exclusive discounts.

Moral of the Story:

Simply put, take advantage of social media in order to drive traffic to your online shop. Think of different ways to use the social networks to further reach consumers without regurgitating the same content from platform to platform.

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