another blog? why, yes.

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The Native New Yawker

let’s see.. where do i start?

with an introduction i suppose.

im laura, but most of the world, with the exception of my coworkers + those i went to high school with, call me l. preferred to be referred to as just an initial since most people horribly pronounce my government name. but for now, you can call me l.. or el.. or elle, as ive spelled it all kind of ways in the past, or just plain ol’ laura. one day we’ll get into my government name, but for now.. lets keep it moving.

some things about me.

well aside from the obvious that im an awesome new yorker, i also work full time as an interactive designer at an cool agency in chelsea. im fluently sarcastic, a minimalist lover + live my life by way of list. my boyfriend of almost 8 years + i live together with our 3 yr old pomeranian, ari in queens. i am a self-proclaimed buffalo wing connoisseur, appreciate great type + actually own a car (if you live in queens, you need one). you will almost never catch me without my ray bans + a denim button up of some sort. i have a full left sleeve which really doesn’t make appearances until the summer.

once upon a time i used to be a pharmacy major at the university of connecticut before leaving my senior year to attend the school of visual arts where i majored in graphic design, so im one of those people that spent six years in college, instead of your average four. and how could i forget.. i also run another blog that’s dedicated to natural hair & lifestyle called party over hair.

so why another blog?

well, im more than hair. im a designer + felt like i needed a separate space where i could talk about things im doing, things i love + of course, cataloging inspiration + my designs. as a former art student, a former freelancer, a current designer in an agency + a blogger, i feel i have a lot of advice + tips to share with anyone willing to listen. not to mention a pretty good eye for picking out awesome shit. now, if you care about hair + natural remedies, then head on over to party over hair + check it out as well.

what can you expect from this blog?

aside from probably more visuals than words, topics will cover design, whether it be graphic or interior, life + times of me, tips + resources about art school, blogging, freelancing, working in an agency, random sites + videos i want to share, cool likkle mixtapes.. and of course, things related to new yawk, new yawk. been putting together some regular columns that ill be working on that will start appearing shortly, as well as a few vlogs even.
either way, i plan to update this blog at least daily so make sure you subscribe.

sounds like its going to be a blast right? oh, yes. in the meantime, if you have any questions that you’d like answered regarding blogging, art school, freelancing, new yawk or anything feel free to leave them in the good ol’ comment box, or shoot me an email at

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  • Katherine Gilbert

    I can’t wait to start reading posts. I look forward to learning as much as I can from you

    • L.

      Thank you Katherine! Look forward to sharing. If you have any questions or topics, you’d like more info on.. feel free to hit me & let me know!

  • Oh cool! I’m in the same field as you…well atleast attempting to officially be a professional graphic designer soon. I did Visual Arts in school and Digital Media. And I have a second blog too all for design and the other stuff I love, haven’t put much on it yet to open it up, but awesome.

    And don’t tell me you have a tongue twister first name too? I’ve heard it all when it comes to the butcher block on my name, smh..people i tell ya. Looking forward to reading this blog as well. And hey, would you ever consider being someone’s design mentor? If yes, I’m down to be a mentee!! 🙂

    p.s. we are both in Queens we definitely should collaborate for a hair+design event perhaps.

    • L.

      Girl, I knew you were in NY but didn’t know you were in Queens! Yes, we should definitely collaborate for some type of hair + design event in the future! But yea, my government name isn’t much of a tongue twister — more like one of those names where I have to show you how to pronounce it properly. Got annoying so I just made everyone call me Laura — the first part of my full government name or just L lol!

      And I’ve never been a design mentor, but I do mentor other ladies and yeaa, I think I would be down for something like that.

      But we definitely need to link up!

  • Chatel

    I’m late to the party!! How awesome is your new baby, love….love!

    • L.

      Now I’m the late one! Yaasss! Welcome to a whole different kind of partayyy.

  • Just discovered your blog as part of a link-up and I’m a huge fan. I love your various series: get that app, your design critiques, etc. I’m definitely looking forward to checking out more of your posts!

    • L.

      Thank you for stopping by Shannon! I will be sure not to disappoint! 🙂

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