3 ways to spice up your blog post design

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3 ways to spice up your blog post design | The Native New Yawker

if you’ve been following the blog critique for a few weeks, you’ll notice every week i’m offering little tips and tricks bloggers can do to sexy up their sidebars and headers. i don’t really discuss ways in which one can spice up their actual blog post design. today, let’s discuss three simple ways you can ‘turn up’ those blog post.

+ experiment with a photo manipulation software. eventually, you’ll want to do more with your blog graphics so you may want to eventually teach yourself how to use some type of photo manipulation software. personally, i recommend adobe photoshop. to get this program for free you can either download the latest adobe photoshop cs6 trial for 30 days or download adobe photoshop cs2 for free. yes, you heard me for free. yes, it’s a little dated but it’s still a great way to learn the basic tools of the program. if photoshop is not really for you, i’d recommend GIMP, a free alternative to photoshop. there are plenty of free photo manipulation software you can experiment with or tutorials and classes that can teach you how to use photoshop.

+ for collage post, use polyvore. whether you’re a fashion blog or an interior design blog, polyvore makes it really simple to create collage images for your blog. although i mostly do my collages in photoshop, i appreciate how quick and easy polyvore makes it for you to design your own collages. you can either use pre-made templates or start from scratch.

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+ for photo heavy post, use apps like picframe to create cool photo layouts for your content. aside from collages, i love photo layouts and grids. it’s just a cool way to better organize some of your picture heavy post. with picframe you get 73 fully adjustable frames supporting up to 9 photos, text labels, rounded corners, photo effects, shapes, shadows, plenty of patterns and an easy color picker you will always have a unique look. picframe is quick, easy and only $0.99. great app to use for spicing up those posts.


what apps/programs do you use for your blog post design?

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