2014 Blog Action Planner On Sale Now!

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2014 Blog Action Planner, $12 | The Native New Yawker

First, let me say Happy New Year. Yes, I know it’s literally 31 days into the New Year, but this is my first time blogging for 2014 so just let me rock.

I made a promise to myself to not touch this blog until I got the 2014 Blog Action Planner out, and 31 days after it was originally supposed to be released… here it is. Earlier this month the universe had played a cruel trick on me in the form of a corrupted InDesign file, forcing me to start the blog planner over from scratch. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced completing something only to have it ruined almost immediately. Well, I got discouraged. I got upset. I took a day or two off. Had a few drinks and then got over it. Then, I started over.

After getting such a great response from the free Blog Content Planner, I was determined to create a full out blog planner to help others have all the tools they need to run a successful brand. What started out as a simple organizational planner, turned into a full on blogging workbook equipped with monthly objectives & strategies to tackle, as well as worksheets to further keep you on goal towards all your blogging goals.

So I present the 2014 Blog Action Planner!

2014 Blog Action Planner, $12 | The Native New Yawker

The minimalist 2014 Blog Action Planner is the ultimate planner–we’re talking 270 pages–for any blogger no matter your level of experience. This blog planner helps you stay on track of all your blogging goals while providing everything you’ll need to manage a blog.

This planner has a monthly breakdown of goals to attack during the month, along with list of tools & resources to help further build your blog & readers. You’ll be able to organize post & post series, create content & promotional strategizes, as well as keep track of all paid opportunities & monthly stats.

2014 Blog Action Planner, $12 | The Native New Yawker
2014 Blog Action Planner, $12 | The Native New Yawker

But wait.. there’s more!

Purchasing this 2014 Blog Action Planner will also give you access into my exclusive Google+ community where you can connect & learn from other bloggers. This community is perfect for bloggers that have been wanting to give Google+ a try, and see how they can utilize it for their blogs. Come on over, engage with other bloggers and get a feel of the wonders called Google+.

Like the Blog Content Planner, this is another printable download. You can print these pages out at home or do what I did and take it to Staples & get it printed, bounded & even tabs added for only $34. I made sure to keep the Blog Planner in B&W to cut back on cost when printing. If you purchase the 2014 Blog Action Planner, let me know how you put yours together! I want to see pictures!

2014 Blog Action Planner, $12 | The Native New Yawker

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