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fab friday finds #11: entertaining for the holidays

After longgggggg debate, by long I’m meaning months.. the boyfriend & I finally agreed to stay in Queens, NY for a while. That means, we’re going to get our hands a little dirty & start some DIY renovations in our two bedroom apartment. With Thanksgiving practically around the corner, the kitchen and living/dining room area is the top priority since we’re trying to host a little Thanksgiving dinner amongst friends. We got a lot of junk to clear out, a lot of painting to do and some new flooring that needs to be laid down. Don’t worry, I’ll share that progress here. For now, my mind is already looking for things for the kitchen and dining area to help with entertaining our guest. So you already know I headed to one of my favorite shopping sites So yea, here comes the part where you’ll want to hide your wallets.. or not.

1. The Original Cuppow Lid, 2Pk, $9 – Because I drink everything out of a mason jar. Now I can take my drinks on the go. 2. Lance Polished, 20 Piece Set, $27 – I’m a fan of this flatware. Perfect for everyday use. 3. Rounded Entertainment Set, $15 4. Round Entertainment Set, 4 Piece, $17 5. Kastehelmi Plate, Med, Clear, $48 6. Vintage Napkins, Pink, Set of 2, $30 7. Mira, White, $17 – Can we say flower arrangement made easy?! 8. Boombox Mugs, Set of 2, $18 – For the Mister & I, for our morning tea & jams. 9. Beer Flight Set, $21 – Perfect for a brew sampling party with friends. 10. MU 5 Piece Flatware Set, $87.50 – I like the contours of this flatware, especially on the spoons. 11. Oval Platter, Extra Large, $16

wanderlust | villa extramuros

wanderlust | villa extramuros

I’m always looking for an escape out New York City.

I yearn for quiet places with beautiful spaces. Earlier this Summer, my boyfriend & I took a trip to a lake house in the Catskills and it was absolutely magnificent. I live for the days where I can just disconnect from the world and be at peace with nature. Speaking of being at peace with nature, I recently stumbled upon the beautiful Villa Extramuros located in Arraiolos, a small town just outside Evora, in the middle of Portugal, and had to share.

wanderlust | villa extramuros
wanderlust | villa extramuros

Villa Extramuros provides plenty of great experiences that you’d want while in the rural areas of Southern Europe from picnicking in olive fields to dipping into a crisp clear pool. The ground is surrounded only by meadows, olive fields, oak forests, ecologically protected, where sheep flocks grow. Diverse sports, wellness or cultural activities can be organised for you on site or nearby, such as massage, gym with a personal trainer, visits to wineries and farms cross country bicycle rides, horse and carriage rides and boat trips and aquatic sports. And we must talk about the interior design. Simply breathtaking.

A French couple who opened Villa Extramuros after their own move from Paris to Portugal describes it as “a mix between a hotel and a country guest-house.” Furnishings comprise a mixture of designer pieces and traditional local textiles and objects. The warm woods and cowhides soften the bold color contrasts and the tasteful artwork and sculptures add personality to a clean space.

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fab friday finds | 10 | The Native New Yawker

November is finally here! This is hands down one of my favorite months being that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Well, in the sense that you get to gather with friends and family and eat, eat, eat and eat! I’m always down for any type of celebration that involves food. Always. Now it’s about that time where I tell you to hide your wallets because I found a lot of awesome things this week on By the way, have you seen their new website? I’m a fan. It’s cleaner and way easier to navigate around. This week I wasn’t looking for anything in particular.. I just happened to stumble around some cool things I needed wanted for myself and around the house.

1. Hand Bestow, White, $65 – I love all these hand statues, I’m trying to have them all laying around the house. 2. iPhone 5/5S Case Bo, $27 3. Stacked Totem Cups, $81.25 4. (DesignTrek | South Africa) Afro Clock, $59 5. (DesignTrek | South Africa) Bamboo Cutting Board, $49.90 – If you haven’t learned by now, I have a ‘thing’ for cutting & cheese boards. I can’t help it. 6. Marlowe Lunch Bag, Spice, $44 – A suede lunch bag? How chic! 7. Golden Skull Money Bank, $20 8. (DesignTrek | South Africa) The Phrenology Vase, $75 9. Knucklecase iPhone 5/5S, Gold, $98 – Mama said knock you out, in style. 10. Hershel Supply Co. Cypress iPad Sleeve Woodland, $34.99 – I have a Hershel case for my Macbook Pro & love it. It’s only right I treat my iPad with the same respect. 11. Snow Pillow, Medium, $49