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Notegraphy | The Native New Yawker

Notegraphy |

I recently stumbled upon Notegraphy while on Lifehacker after it described it as the ‘Instagram of Words‘. Nowadays, everyone loves to share inspirational quotes on Instagram. Hell, I do it every morning. But with Notegraphy, you can now share those great words with equally great designs. Notegraphy is a free service for stylizing small pieces of text by choosing from an array of different templates and sharing them with the rest of the world.. or keeping it to yourself. The service can be used in your web browser or as an iOS app. If you’re a person of many words, this is definitely the app for you.

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The Blog Critique #09: Improving Your Blog’s Design For Longer Page Visits

Happy Halloween! It’s Thursdayyyyyy, ya’ll. This week I’ve been all off with posting. Between having a wisdom tooth removed and battling a cold, I’ve just been out of it for the past week or so. However, this week I was determined not to miss a Blog Critique. So let’s jump right into it!
Teen Jazz Musician Blog

Saxophonist (you gooo, girl!) Shannon’s blog is a community for up and coming jazz musicians. Her blog features everything from music and career advice to equipment reviews to interviews with other jazz artist. Even though she has some older readers, her current demographic is high school students. Shannon submitted her blog for a critique because she wanted to get some tips to help improve the flow of the site’s design to invite readers to not only stay longer but to engage as well. She’s also unsure of her blog’s current design. Which demographic should she gear it towards? Her younger audience or older? Well, Shannon.. you’ve come to the right place.

The Good

When first landing on your page, there’s quite a lot of information to take in but being that there’s ample amount of white space, it’s not too bad. Your slider features pivotal information that can get users started with your blog, including your awesome video explaining what your site has to offer. You have all your important links from About to Contribute to Contact all above the fold and your navigation is broken down nicely, making it easy to find exactly what I’m looking for whether it be an interview or a podcast. Since the goal of your blog is to build a community of musicians, you have clear copy and great call to actions making it easy for users to engage one way or another. So for all those things, kudos.

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What ASOS Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing

What ASOS Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing | The Native New Yawker

Aside from identity design and branding, I’ve started really getting into content marketing and brand strategies, especially on the digital platform. I like studying successful brands and really breaking down their social media strategies and campaigns. By doing this I’m able to better see how I can not only market my businesses, but my clients as well. From time to time I will be doing case studies on some of my favorite successful brands in which I’ll break down some of their brand marketing strategies. What may work for one industry, may not work for the other so I will try to do case studies on a wide variety of brands.

Case Study: ASOS

Today, we’re going to look at one of the most popular UK retail brands, ASOS. ASOS launched as an online retailer in 2000 by entrepreneur duo Nick Robertson & Quentin Griffths. Originally known as ‘As Seen on Screen’, ASOS has grown to become one of the most powerful online fashion & beauty retailers in the world. With over 50,000 products both design and own label, it’s no wonder ASOS is the number one most visited fashion website in the world with some 3.7 million active customers shopping online from 160 countries.

One of the ingredients behind the success of the brand is their powerful use of social media for digital marketing. Social media is at the heart of ASOS, so content is based around their customers’ wants and needs. All their social channels have a clear direction and personality that is consistent across the board. Your message needs to be aimed at your target audience but still reflect your brand image. ASOS, get’s this. Let’s examine the ways ASOS uses social media to their advantage. If you own some form of a stop, you may want to take notes.

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inspiration | elle uk october 2013

inspiration | elle uk october 2013

Let me just say.. the Elle UK October magazine is filled with editorial design inspiration.

Normally I’m not one for fashion magazines, but the A5 size & type placement on the cover drew me in. After flipping through a few pages and finding some beautifully designed layouts I had to purchase. I’ve been carrying it around with me ever since. What I’m loving most about the layouts is the use of grids and the hierarchy created through the use of different fonts and weights, as well as color and orientation. The way the type was treated through the whole magazine just makes me so happy. I’m inspired to apply some of these designs to more blog content in the future. Love how information is beautifully presented. Elle UK, you’re now one of my favorite magazines. Congrats, you should be proud. (Ignore, the red box around links. We have Acrobat to thank for that.)

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the blog critique | 08 | The Native New Yawker

The Blog Critique #08: Designing A Brand For Your Audience

It’s Thursday and The Blog Critique is back.

Never mind the brief two week hiatus. You all have lives.. you know how things can get.

Our last design critique I had critiqued Heather and her lifestyle blog She loved the critique so much, I even helped her touch up her blog with some simple graphics. If you haven’t already, go check it out. Now, let’s get into today’s critique.
Motivational Women’s Lifestyle Blog

Shanti originally set out to create a platform to inspire and motivate women of color back in March of 2013. She started blogging through Facebook and Blogger on and off for about two years before migrating over to WordPress. The main concern Shanti has regarding her blog is ensuring that she’s creating a brand that attracts the intended audience. She’s had trouble in the past with graphic designers which resulted in her having to design everything herself for her blog. Now Shanti questions if it’s the design or the content that’s holding her back from receiving the traffic she’d like. Well Shanti, you’ve come to the right place.

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