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compfight |

i actually used to love this site and then one day completely forgot about it. it wasn’t until last friday one of my coworkers reminded me about compfight. compfight is an image search engine tailored to efficiently locate images for blogs, comps, inspiration, and research. although the site makes great use of the flickr API, it isn’t actually affiliated with flickr. this site is pretty cool for finding images for your blog posts that won’t have much of that ‘stock image feel’ you’d get if using images from shutterstock or getty images. most importantly, this is free. just make sure if you use any photos from here you at least credit the photographer.

interior envy | cameron diaz’s west village apartment

interior envy | cameron diaz's west village apt. | The Native New Yawker

the west village is probably my favorite spot in manhattan. it’s the perfect destination for weekend brunches followed by burning off your meal with shopping or strolling through christopher park. this weekend i stumbled across pictures of cameron diaz’s west village apartment and man, oh man.. i am in love. cameron hired kelly wearstler to turn her 2,400 sq. ft. prewar apartment into a glamorous, romantic, hollywood gem. i’m loving the mixture of patterns, colors and textures. going to need my future place to take note once again. especially the bathroom and kitchen areas.

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fab friday finds | 06 | The Native New Yawker

on the first of every month, aside from paying rent i always go on and check my monthly horoscope. i don’t know what it is about susan miller but she has an amazing talent and her horoscopes are usually spot on. this month i was told that it would be a great time to focus on home decor. the mister and i went to ikea this weekend and we made a vow that no matter how much i love ikea.. we will no longer get cheap furniture. when we got our first apartment all of our furniture was from ikea. and granted, we still have much of it today — we realized the best way to pack ikea furniture when moving is to just.. leave it. once it’s put together, forget about taking it apart. we are looking to move sometime next year but as of lately i’ve just been looking at a lot of home decor to really get a taste of our two styles. i’m a rustic minimalist and he’s more vintage bohemian. one thing i always love about is their great furniture selections so this week it’s all about furniture and home decor.

1. IKIO coat rack, white, $109 2. SQR long dresser, walnut, $3,200 3. get shit done poster, $18 4. milano 2015 chair clear, set of 4, $370 5. palio table, white, $2,446 6. agra pillow, black, 12×20, $85 7. luckies chaine bottle holder, $26 — how cool is this though? 8. sky planter mini ceramic, $25 9. reverie sofa, sahara wood, $2,099 — seriously, this couch? this color. yasss.

office spaces | urban outfitters campus

office spaces | urban outfitters campus

working within the design industry in new york city, i’ve had the opportunity in visiting some amazing office spaces. it seems like companies within creative industries focuses greatly on the interior design of their space. after all if you want your designers.. creatives, whatever to stay inspired and want to work.. you have to put them in inspiring atmospheres.

at the current moment my job is starting our office renovations. though i’m not sure what the plans are for renovations exactly it’s pretty cool having some interior designers in the house. i like to watch them work and secretly wish i could be one of them. something about architecture and interior design really gets my shit going. seriously. even though i have no control over the office renovations, i’ve been looking at more and more cool office interiors to get some inspiration. inspiration for what.. i don’t know just yet but i’m having quite a good time gawking at nicely decorated office. since i use this blog as a catalog of amazing design, i figured i’d start sharing any cool office interiors i come across. please be advised, some of these interiors will make you want to quit your job and work for companies with cooler spaces. just warning ya’ll. today, let’s look at one of my favorite office spaces: urban outfitters.

built from the shell of a dilapidated navy shipyard in Philadelphia, the 100+ year old campus of urban outfitters has breathed creative life back into the once industrious building complex. designed by meyer scherer & rockcastle, the 350,000+ sqft project provides an epic backdrop for the brands it houses – urban outfitters, free people, and anthropologie – to call home.

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The Blog Critique #06: Properly Utilizing Your Sidebar

the blog critique | 06 | The Native New Yawker

this week i’m all off. although i love not having to go to work on monday’s.. it really throws me off track for the rest of the week. it kinda feels like wednesday, but not really. well, today is thursdays and if you’ve been stopping by the blog you know every thursday is a blog critique! if you have any blogger friends that may be interested in getting their blog’s aesthetics critiqued then shawty, send them my way.
lifestyle blog

today we’re going to look at nneji‘s lifestyle blog, in which she’s been blogging on for a little over a year now. at this point, nneji’s main concerns when it comes to her tumblr blog is if she’s utilizing her space properly, including her sidebar space. well, nneji.. you’ve come to the right place.

the good

when i first enter on your space it makes me smile. why you ask? i’m unsure if you know this or not but you’re definitely utilizing the white space on your site. the header makes a bold impression on your page, especially the use of that lovely mustard color for naija. the navigation isn’t clutter and gives the readers a chance to reach you if needed. the first thing we see when looking over on the sidebar is a picture of you and all your social links. not to mention everything in your sidebar is all the same width making for a cleaner looking sidebar. so within a few seconds of being on your page i have a face to link the blog to, as well as several ways to get in touch with you via social networks. so kudos for all dat.

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