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taking two weeks.


lately, i’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed with my workload.

between working full time and attempting to manage two blogs and still taking freelance clients, i’ve literally burned myself out. with my twenty-fifth birthday approaching (8/12), i’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and just trying to get things in my life together a little bit more. so i’ve decided to give myself a two-week vacation away from blogging. i’m just allowing my creative juices to rest and refuel. i’m giving myself these two weeks to just enjoy my birthday, my friends, my family and maybe work on a few personal projects that i’ve pushed back for months now. hell, i may even change a few things around here. maybe.

i’ll be back with fresh new content on tuesday august 20th. i will still be somewhat active on pinterest and maybe twitter.. so if you’re not following me, do so! see you all in two weeks!

*photo taken by me in livingston manor, ny.

any new yorker will tell you the moment we hear “excuse me ladies & gentleman..” you’ll more than likely get tuned out immediately. it’s not that we’re insensitive to other people’s hardships, it’s just that at this point.. we’ve heard almost everything under the sun. i absolutely had to share this collegehumor video. although it doesn’t take place in new york city (our subway carts look nothing like the ones in the video) it was still quite an awesome panhandler prank.

fab friday finds | 03 | The Native New Yawker

it’s friday, it’s friday! august is finally here which means summer is slowly coming to an end. this summer this mister and i didn’t spend as much time eating out as we usually do. instead, we’ve been turning on the oven every night (yes, even during that awful heatwave we had) and trying new recipes. at the current time my favorite recipe to date is the mister’s swedish meatballs. oh my gawd. one of these days i’ll share it with you all. so i figured this week i’d share my favorite fab finds for the kitchen. fall is on it’s way, time to stock up on new things for around the kitchen.

1. magnum 6 knife set black, $86 2. glass canister 8 piece set, $29 3. sandwich sponge 2-pack, $15.99 4. bark cheese board small, $17 5. zombie head decanter, $16.50 6. mug white, $16 7. obsessive chef cutting board, $22 8. knuckle duster mug black, $12 9. WUD martini glass white, $49 10. baggy winecoat black, $44

interior envy | colorful bklyn brownstone

interior envy | colorful bklyn brownstone

aside from owning a lakeside cabin of some sort in the catskill region, it is a dream of mine to buy a brownstone with the mister and renovate it from head to toe. i stumbled across this wonderfully designed brooklyn brownstone by jessica helgerson interior design and had to share. located in the fort greene neighborhood of brooklyn, the recently remodeled brownstone was furnished for a young couple who has a strong love for pop art, bright colors and fresh modern design. i absolutely love all the colors. how about you?

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The Blog Critique #03: Building A Credible Brand Within Your Niche

the blog critique | 03

wow, it’s thursday already. i feel like this week started off slow but now it’s basically almost the weekend. plus, everyone knows thursday is the new friday. as you know it’s never too late to submit your blogs for the blog critique so keep them coming. let’s jump into today’s critique.

ampersands + erasers
advertising + copywriting blog

ampersands + erasers was started by alex in november of 2012 and focuses on advertising copywriting, the ad industry and professional creatives in general. alex shares her experiences breaking into the creative professional world as well offers resources to help make one a better advertiser. when it comes to her blog two main there are two main issues: she wants to make sure her design is helping her credibility as a reputable brand within her industry, as well as make sure the design doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a copywriting blog and not a graphic design blog. well alex, let’s see if i can help.

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