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latest work | roxy dare yourself

latest work | roxy dare yourself

i’m always talking about good design this, and good design that but the main purpose of this blog aside from cataloging amazing design inspiration is to actually share my design work. i’ll try to throw up work of mine at least weekly. some will be personal project, some will be freelance client work and then other times it will be work completed at the digital studio i work for. today will be the latter.

roxy dare yourself | facebook campaign

as lead designer i was given the task of designing a facebook based user generated content based contest for ROXY, a leading women’s action sport apparel company. dare yourself allowed women aged 18-28 from around the world to submit photos or video about why they should be the next face of ROXY.

all and all, it was really cool working with the people over at ROXY. i’d like to thank my coworker melissa for taking on this project with me and helping me bust out this project. looking forward to seeing what new campaigns they have up their sleeve for the upcoming months. the contest has come to an end, but you can still check out the ROXY dare yourself winners over on facebook. and please forgive my developer for choosing to use oswald as not only the headline font, but for the body copy as well.

latest work | roxy dare yourself

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design daily | noma authentic

design daily | noma authentic

noma authentic |

noma authentic is a conceptual web and app design project created by design students jonas emmersten and henrik ellersgaard. the concept behind noma authentic was to create a culinary grand tour for people who want to learn more about commodity, fishing and hunting as a side project from the world famous restaurant noma.

the events will take place 4 times every season, in scandinavia. noma will pick out places in scandinavia, which has great commodities for each season, and find hunters and fishermen that knows the area to help the traveling participants. this is not only a travel, one of the chefs from noma will travel along to learn the participants about the areas commodities, and how to use them. they will also cook for the participants along the journey, so they will get a taste of noma’s great knowledge in food culture.

why i love this design

the real question should be.. what’s not to love about this design? when it comes to web design, i opt for the use of grids with great legible type and white space. this website embodies all three of those things. i often revisit this project often to get inspiration for some of my own projects. love how emmersten treated the tiniest of details — from the hover states to the navigation. let’s not forget to mention i’m a big believer of mixing bold san serif typefaces with elegant italicized serifs. from the app to the web, everything is clean and simple. just the way i like.

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site share | TypeWonder

typewonder |

ever wanted to know what your site would look like with a different webfont? i’m not talking about just picking a random webfont and refreshing your page to see what it looks like.. i know i’m not the only one that has to do this sometimes. well last week, angela tweeted this wonderful resource that i had to share: typeWonder. it’s quick and simple. you enter the url of the site you would like to see your webfonts on, choose from hundreds of fonts to preview instantly and get the necessary code of the desired font to embed into your site. it’s literally easy as 1,2,3.

3.1 phillip lim for target

3.1 phillip lim for target

never in a thousand years have i been so excited for a design collaboration, especially with target. last year was the first time i made a clothing purchase from target and was impressed. this fall, target gave me even more of a reason to be excited. 3.1 phillip lim for target is set to launch at and target stores nationwide on september 15. the collection features apparel and accessories for women and men, including amazing shoes and super chic bags. the collection ranges in price from $19.99 to $299.99 for apparel and $19.99 to $59.99 for accessories.

this fall collection consists of many versatile pieces that you can easily mix and match from day to night. full of work-appropriate dresses, trousers, sweaters and tanks, it literally has me ready to revamp my professional wardrobe this season. not to mention, there’s a few cute pajama sets that have me ready to ‘classy’ up my bedtime attire.. something the mister should be proud of. the bags, oh the bags.. i want each and every bag. after looking through the lookbook, i’m almost positive i need to get absolutely everything from this collection. every. last. thing. i shared a few things that are a must-have from the collection this fall. even included some things i want to pick up for the mister. if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the full 3.1 phillip lim for target lookbook.

are you excited about the collaboration? what are your favorite pieces?

a few blog updates

blog updates

i’m back! two weeks seem to have flown by but the break was much needed. i turned 25 (heyyyy!) during the break and just had a wonderful time spending time hanging with family and friends. it was pretty awesome to come home and just lounge on the couch instead of worrying about if all my post are ready for the morning. that lasted for about three days before i made a list of little things to tackle around and for the blog. there’s still a few things i have left to do.. like finish my about and contact pages, but i was able to get some little things done here and there.

a few changes around the blog

+ i went ahead and started a facebook page for the blog. i wanted to reach the people that don’t really use twitter as much so you won’t miss out on all the awesome links & finds i share throughout the day. the facebook page will be updated daily with the blog post, the latest news going on in new york, and any good design or products i come across during the day. if you like following pages on facebook, the native new yawker is definitely on more to add to your list.

+ i fixed up the subscription list. you can now sign up to get a daily digest of post sent straight to your email. since i’ll be updating the blog multiple times per day, the email goes out around 6pm est w. all the post on the blog for the day.

+ i’ve figured out an editorial calendar.. somewhat. taking time off let me reflect on how to better manage my time while still keeping my blog updated. this blog will be updated daily at least twice a day. since this is a design lifestyle blog most post will feature good design, whether it’s graphic design or interior design, as well as design tips for bloggers, other designers and small business owners. you can expect new post at any of the following times: 8am, 10am, 12pm and 2pm.

i’m excited about the direction this blog is heading. i tend to use it as a place to showcase my design work as well as catalog amazing finds from the internet that hopefully inspire some of you like it inspires me.