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interior envy | stunning chelsea loft

interior envy | stunning chelsea loft

the interior of this 2,000 square foot chelsea loft was designed by diego alejandro design for an advertising executive which incorporated his love for creativity through a bold, unexpected design. “i try to bring a different sensibility to each interior design project. i treat interiors as compositions — blending color, volumes, textures and lines — to create a space that is fresh, sophisticated and visually enjoyable”, the designer states. i’m loving all the bright color and pattern play seen all over the loft. love seeing the interiors of creatives living in new york.

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site share | reaction gif archive

reaction gif archive |

personally, i prefer to respond to people using reaction gifs. i wasn’t always this way. it wasn’t until i started working at my job that i realized people don’t respond to company emails with words.. because that would just be absurd, instead, they used gifs. not just any gifs.. we’re talking kickass gifs. it literally took me a few months to find some sites with good gifs, but then i stumbled across the reaction gif archive, an archive of reddit’s favorite reaction gifs.. and literally my life changed. to use any of the gifs from the archive, simply click on the gear icon located in the top right corner and click ‘view full resolution’. i now have a evernote notebook filled with reaction gifs that i’m always using. now a days, i’m all like..

The Blog Critique #04: The Look & Feel Of Your Blog

the blog critique | 04

took two weeks off to refuel and refresh my creative juices but now it’s thursday.. and thursdays are blog critique days. and like i always say, it’s never too late to submit your blogs for the blog critique so keep them coming. tell one of your blogger friends about it. spread the word.
family + parenting blog

amanda has been blogging about pregnancy, parenting, beauty and health on blogger since 2009. she has even dabbled with design having designed most of the elements on her family blog today. having followed a few of the blog critiques, amanda submitted her blog in hopes of finding out just how her blog looks and appeals to others. is it convenient? is all the information easily accessible? most importantly, does the blog look appealing? well amanda, you’ve come to the right place!

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design daily | cakes & coffee identity

design daily | cakes & coffee

cakes & coffee identity |

cakes & coffee is a chic bakery and coffee retail space based in buenos aires, argentina.
empatía studio had the pleasure of designing their identity and packaging. the corporate identity is directly derived from the profile of the firm: a small business which deals gourmet cupcakes and prides itself on handmade and simple sweet treats.

why i love this design

i tend to prefer san serif over serif but every now and then there’s exceptions and today, cakes & coffee is one of them. the use of the serif typeface really helps get the message across that this is a business that is fun, chic and gourmet. loving the beige and pink with the light blue background. the only thing i would have changed would probably be the ampersand. maybe found one that was a bit classier to match the feeling of the rest of the logo.

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fixa bike shelf

fixa bike shelf | $286.66 USD

there are a lot of new yorkers who depend on bikes as their main source for transportation around the city. and if you’re lucky, you may even have an apartment big enough to fit your bike. and if you’re really lucky, you may even have space to fit a shelf that doubles as a bike rack. the latvian design firm, chrome ltd., designed the fixa–latin for ‘fixed’–shelf, a multifunctional bike shelf engineered to provide a clever bike and accessories storage. the shelf has storage space with cover panel and pre-drilled holes on the back for wall mounting. i think this is a wonderful organization solution for city bikers who have the space.

is this something you’d get?