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the best of #ABCREPORTS

today, abc thought it would be a good idea to give america a scientific explanation on twerking. after reading it i was all like..


..seriously, abc? ya’ll deadass? well, it didn’t take long for #blacktwitter to start the #ABCReports hashtag in which they sarcastically offered new topics for abc to cover since they’re so interested in twerking and the science behind it. needless to say, this hashtag was hilarious and totally called for an impromptu post shouting out some of my personal favorites from today.

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site share | designers + books

designers + books |

if you’re like me and into books on design then i present to you: designers & books. the team over at designer & books are advocates for books as an important source of inspiration for creativity, innovation and invention. the direction of their focus is on books about architecture, fashion, graphic design, interactive design, interior design, landscape architecture, product and industrial design and urban design. designers & books launched in 2011 with 55 book list and 678 books. today, there are new book list and books added to the website every week.

interested in finding out what the notable design books of 2013 are? or how about what books jonathan adler, louise fili, milton glaser or isaac mizrahi would recommend? designers & books has got you covered. trust me, your coffee table and book shelves will thank you later.

interior envy | a romantic contemporary ranch

interior envy | a romantic contemporary ranch

for the past couple of interior envy post i’ve shared several awesome spaces within new york city. today, we leave the east coast and travel over to the west coast.. brentwood, california to be exact. this welcoming horse ranch with its romantic blend of contemporary and mediterranean architectural sensibilities was built by whipple russell architects. the house was originally built for a creative couple; one an architect turned director the other a writer and sommelier. while the husband wanted a contemporary feel the wife longed for romantic. i’m loving the contemporary feel you get from the architecture while the decor has a romantic vibe to it. this is the type of house that would make a city girl like me ditch the skyscrapers for acres of land and peace of quiet. my favorite area of this whole house is probably the backyard. i mean seriously. isn’t it gorgeous?!

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3 ways to spice up your blog post design

3 ways to spice up your blog post design | The Native New Yawker

if you’ve been following the blog critique for a few weeks, you’ll notice every week i’m offering little tips and tricks bloggers can do to sexy up their sidebars and headers. i don’t really discuss ways in which one can spice up their actual blog post design. today, let’s discuss three simple ways you can ‘turn up’ those blog post.

+ experiment with a photo manipulation software. eventually, you’ll want to do more with your blog graphics so you may want to eventually teach yourself how to use some type of photo manipulation software. personally, i recommend adobe photoshop. to get this program for free you can either download the latest adobe photoshop cs6 trial for 30 days or download adobe photoshop cs2 for free. yes, you heard me for free. yes, it’s a little dated but it’s still a great way to learn the basic tools of the program. if photoshop is not really for you, i’d recommend GIMP, a free alternative to photoshop. there are plenty of free photo manipulation software you can experiment with or tutorials and classes that can teach you how to use photoshop.

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fab friday finds | 04

i officially feel old. long gone are my college days — okay, not that long gone.. but my brother and sister have left for college. one of my sisters is now a sophomore and my brother is entering his first year of culinary school. i’m in the process of looking for some cool stuff to send them to help decorate their dorm so i figured why not check this week’s finds are cool things any college kid would want in their dorms.

1. that shit cray tote, $20 2. sport ballpoint pen, $22 3. memomug set of two, $25 4. iPhone snooze alarm clock black, $34.99 5. DIY shop kit, $249.99 6. scoops doorstop, $15 7. lego storage brick, $36 8. loud & clear magnets 2 pack, $14 9. corkboard map, $44.95 10. chalkboard calendar decal, $25 11. define bottle sport, $27 12. rewind desk tidy, $22 13. mobile calculator, $22.